Tournament Organizers/Venues/Players to Avoid! -- PLAYERS, PLEASE READ BEFORE ATTENDING A TOURNAMENT

So the FGC is burgeoning with events still, but this thread hasn’t been updated since 2012 at least. Yet, there are still complaints coming in about bad TOs or terrible venues.

Thus, it’s out with the old, and in with the new thread.

How do you get on this list?

There are many ways a TO can be put on this list. Some of which may be situational, but may include:

-Promising certain prizes and never giving them out
-Not giving your cash payouts in a timely manner, or at all.
-Checks bouncing/Paypal disputes after sending out funds.
-Hiring workers for your event and not paying them. (Volunteers do not count, unless you promise them certain swag and don’t deliver.)
-Not paying on the lease for your venue.
-Cancelling your tournament without warning, barring serious emergencies that came up last minute.
-Shady dealings altogether (Allowing rebuys into a tournament without it going to the pot, pocketing money that should be in the pot without making it known that you get a certain percentage cut from the pool, assaulting or holding people hostage at your tournament.)

Now I’m on the list. How do I get off?

Prove yourself. Prove you’re not a crook and that the complaints were merely an isolated incident. Run two successful events that show that whatever mistakes you made (not paying out, bracket mismanagement, skimming from the pot) have not happened, where players confirm that you made good.

However, if you repeatedly show yourself incapable of running a good tournament, or have been taken off this list and are put back on, you will not be able to get yourself removed from this list at any time, whatsoever. Furthermore, any event that you promote on SRK will have a disclaimer posted after the OP warning people that you are permanently on the avoid list.

I’m a player. How do I report someone as a bad TO?

Post in this thread their name, where they run tournaments, their SRK username (if applicable), what happened, and evidence. Evidence must be real, so please post URLs from here where complaints are made, other forums, Facebook, Youtube videos of what happened, etc.

What constitutes a bad venue?

A bad venue will do one of the following, other issues may apply:

-Make bad contracts for TOs.
-Ask for money and give no receipt.
-Take your deposit, citing damage when there is none.
-Charge your players an extra entry fee on top of your venue fee to come into the venue.
What constitutes a bad player?**

Git gud scrub. We’re not talking about players with no skill, but players that have taken advantage of TOs or fellow players. Things like this could be, but not limited to:
-Pressuring TOs repeatedly for bracket manipulation
-Welching on roomsharing
-Stealing at events (Auto permanent addition)
-Scamming people
-Reneging on side bets or money match payments

And now…for the list.

Bad Tournament Organizers:

DancingFighterG - Denver, CO
Alias/Organization: Colorado Cutthroat, NVGA, Greg Richardson
Reason: Repeated issues of bouncing checks, not paying players in a timely manner, if at all, hiring incompetent staff to run tournaments, running pyramid schemes on other TOs, allowing rebuys into tournaments, the list goes on. This guy is the worst of the worst, never attend any tournament if you hear his name attached to it.

John Nelson - Los Angeles, CA
Alias/Organization: Tournament Legacy
Reason: Repeated issues of never paying players or checks bouncing. Has also had issues with brackets to the point that KOF at ReveLAtions was cancelled. He has come back with different aliases before, even luring LevelUp to work with him. Players and TOs alike should have nothing to do with him.
Evidence: John Nelson, Tournament Legacy, and Team HORI

Manny Camacho - Orlando, FL
Alias/Organization: GPX Gaming, moadib
Reason: Promoted a major, then rescheduled claiming that MLG had forced him to reschedule. MLG associates told players that they had never even heard of his event and had not contacted him. Also had falsified lists of Japanese players scheduled to attend said tournament that had also never heard of the event and were not planning to travel to the USA until Evo. Event was eventually cancelled, and CEO was born out of it. Told everyone in said thread 4 years ago that he had terminal cancer and was dying, yet is still active on Twitter hosting and organizing anime conventions in 2014. Because of the level he’ll stoop to in lying to get sympathy, he’s on the permanent list.
Evidence: G.A.M.M.E. - Orlando, Florida - USA VS. JAPAN! $5000+ SF4, June 4-6 2010 "so GAMME is not happening! Now what?" tourney discussion thread

John Keough - Boston, MA
Reason: Aside from his tournament bunglings, he is also a convicted felon for kidnapping. May not be seen for many years, is currently behind bars, but just in case, do not attend anything he runs.

Dae Hwan Kim - Seoul, South Korea
Alias/Organization: kensouzzang, CafeId
Reason: Has run a horrible tournament in the ID Global Tournament (AKA IGT) two years straight. Both years consisted of exorbitantly high tournament venue fees, poorly run tournaments, severe lack of setups, and forcing players to run their own brackets. In 2014, players complained of prize money being paid out a year late. This year, players complained that despite the tournament being single elim, the tournaments ran and ended late, events being delayed for several hours due to missing DLC, and kensouzzang refusing to address player complains. kensouzzang also claims to have received prize support from Qanba and admitted to never dispersing said prizes.
Evidence: Tournament Organizers/Venues/Players to Avoid! -- PLAYERS, PLEASE READ BEFORE ATTENDING A TOURNAMENT

Isaiah Triforce Johnson - Jamaica/NYC
Alias/Organization: TFGM, Empire Arcadia
Reason: Accused of running pyramid schemes while “sponsoring” top players who then had to pay their own way to events then pay him their winnings, running tournaments to have Empire players win to pay his rent. Was an organizer of VxG in the Bahamas, and failed to pay out winnings. Recently was caught signing off a pro COD team in Jamaica to host his own tournament to do the same “win rent money” thing he did in NYC. The team lost and he refused to pay out winnings. Probably the funniest and saddest note of shady business is him going to dinner with NuckleDu, then walking out on the check. This guy is a virus.
Triforce thinks Daigo's exhibitions vs Xian and Infiltration were fixed

Carl-Edwin Michel - Toronto
Alias: Northern Arena
Reason: In 2017, ran Northern Arena across several games, reportedly took over 6 months to pay Injustice 2 players. In 2018, ran a promised $5,000 prize pool tournament series at a marijuana store in Toronto. Promised food and drinks on all nights of the event – only happened on one day. The day of the larger tournament, rescinded the $5,000 prize pool, ensuring that people came out for absolutely nothing but to advertise for the marijuana store, who forced swag bags on you as you walked in that was entirely branded with their logo.

Bad Players

Andre Howard - Ohio
Alias: omgitzandre, omgitzchun
Reason: He notoriously roomshares at events, and never pays his part of the bill. At Evo 2017, he allegedly booked a room in his name, the credit card was rejected, and he never paid the balance, leaving the players staying with him stuck in the room so that they wouldn’t get locked out without access to their things. Took money from those players who were staying with him to buy himself floor seats for Sunday finals. It also turned out the credit card he used was not his own, which harkens back to last year when he faced felony charges for credit card fraud. He has also been accused of stealing joysticks at events, and has been physically violent to players. This is a very shady person, don’t room with him, and it’d be best if you never associate with him. Honestly not sure how TOs don’t have a blacklist with this guy’s name and face next to DarkPrince’s.

EDIT: He’s now also been accused of sexual assault by members of the community, and as such has been banned from nearly every major in North America.


Jose Adalpe - Canada
Alias: QuackBot, PC Marvel God
Reason: Was eliminated from MVCI at Canada Cup then reentered under Holy Order Troll’s registration. Has lifetime ban from Canada Cup over this.

Lina Crawford - Arizona
Alias: Holy Order Troll
Reason: Allowed QuackBot to play under her alias at Canada Cup. When accosted, she claimed it wasn’t the first time she has done this. Has lifetime ban from Canada Cup over this.

JK - Las Vegas, NV
Reason: Attempted vehicular manslaughter at a Vegas Smash tournament by attempting to maliciously run over a group of players with a car. Apparently admitted that was his intent to someone in a car later. Uh…value your life and never go around this dude. This is the type of guy that gives the Smash scene a bad name.

The rest of the list from the old thread will be added when I have time. If there are any more that are neither list that needs to be added, please let me know by replying to this thread with links to evidence.


I’m also going to spend some time trying to find the old evidence from the old thread, some of it was inaccessible because of the software changes, so the way linkbacks work are different than they used to be on vBulletin/Xenforo.

That may take some time, and some of the threads may be gone forever, but I’ll give it my best effort.

I just found out Manny Camacho is still active, at least in the Anime con realm. Don’t know about running tournaments though.

However, that flies in the face of him saying 4 years ago that he was terminally ill and had months to live. That kind of scum sucking shit? That’ll get you permanently on this list.

Just looked at this thread again after a long time.

A moment of silence for the earlier blacklist and Bisonopolis (mod who ran it).

CafeId added to the list due to twice running a terrible event at IGT, claims against them here:

Some of the players asked for their names to be obscured to protect their identities.

ohhh, i like the sound of this, how can i get on this list? Missing_dood, hook a mayobro up!

Put me up against Real Decoy again tonight, and we’ll work something out.

Editing the CafeID evidence to reflect that Cong is a separate entity from CafeID and Kensouzzang has no affiliation with them. The CafeID = Cong thing was hearsay.

Is this going to be updated in regards to the Canada Cup 2017 incident?

I could put a provisional avoidance on QuackBot/Lina. I’ll do that in a bit, eh?

Added, I’ll fix the formatting later

Does it matter if the exact same thing happened during an offline Super Turbo event? A player let another player play under their alias just like Lina Crawford

Depends on if the player that was allowed to play under someone’s alias played twice.

If they jumped in without having registered for that game at all, then that isn’t a huge problem, as long as the TO was advised of that happening. That’s happened before at Toryuken, we had a few people no show Alpha 2, I and I believe one other guy was allowed to play in for two people that no showed and were about to be DQ’d, and we hadn’t previously registered for the event. That was done with permission of the TO, and they had access to the bracket to know that the people dropping in weren’t previously registered.