Tournament Only Pass, what if one of these makes the finals?

Just wondering, I mean, I would just assume, they’ve earned their rights to sit in the main room sunday, but… I dunno, rules say no access. So… No access?!

Im assuming they will let you in to play your set on the main stage but after that game is done its off to the stream ballroom with you. Talk to staff, its rare that a situation like this would occur, but still, talk to staff im sure they will sort it out.

There will prolly be an exception in this case and they’ll just let you in the stage for the whole day.

When someone says that some event is full and you can’t put any more ppl inside, of course they are counting also the reserved spots for the case something unusual happens. So, in reality, they are never trully “full” but almost full.

Let’s say that the CEOs of Capcom/Namco/etc decided to check EVO to see how much people like to come to an event like this. They just arrive Sunday without letting anyone know, to make a surprise, do you think Mr. Wizard will be like “oh sorry bro, you ain’t got ur spec pass”?

So relax, if you get to top 8 you’ll prolly win an “expectator pass”.

Online games.

That’s the only way.


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