Tournament Main: Laura or Ibuki?

I am a Ryu, alex, and Nash main but for tournament play i was told to pick other characters. Im leaning towards more top tier characters such as ibuki or laura,was a ibuki and sean main in 3rd strike. Laura has good grapples and ibuki has excellent speed. Looking for good resources in order to become a proficient player with either one. anything helps, thanks

If you main Ryu, Alex, and Nash…why would you main someone else just for tournament?

i want to keep a top tier under my belt, i main mostly low tiers which isnt an issue but i want to main a top tier as well.


Well, for me the choice is easy, ibuki by a long mile. Laura requires decent footsies and stuff to get into position, then you need to guess right on command grabs and frame traps… command grabs don’t do THAT much but the frame traps do.

With ibuki though you can fraud wins just by getting a blocked jumpin into a command dash tha is unreactable to block crossup. And since most people won’t bother trying to block, they will just mash jab, you can basically run a super safe offense with frame traps and staggers tha do good damage, into an occasional command dash mixup once the opponent lets up on the buttons.

Plus easy ways in with ex kunai being ranged and plus on block giving you free ways to get in. So basically free ways in and free ways to mixup.

Laura however has a better AA game with her usually and also has more health.
Auras v trigger is arguably as good as ibukis though people seem to really sleep on it, all those Laura comebacks/crazy damage stuff are usually the result of the v trigger damage and stun boost.

Ibuki has really good mixups even outside of v trigger though.

It’s a toss up as far as what you prefer but more people have ibuki in the top spot over Laura that lots don’t even consider top 5 (though definitely top 10) so if you really just wanna pick a top tier, I would pick ibuki over Laura personally.

Thank you so much for the advice, a lot of people were recommending either Laura or Ibuki but I was not sure which one I should start to main as a top-tier for tournaments andmoney matches

Ibuki is a ninja so I would go with the ninja.

Ryu, Alex and Nash are top tier.

I would pick Ibuki. There are tons of Laura’s out there. Being a good Ibuki will get you noticed. She is also one of the few characters who don’t feel like a typical Street Fighter character so playing her always feels fresh. I main her mostly.

Her tricky set ups are tons o’ fun.

None of them are anywhere near top tier currently. Ryu and nash were in season 1 before both git hit by major nerfs, Alex has never been top tier in the games lifetime.

Ryu is considered bottom tier right now, nash is considered high bottom tier, or low middle tier.

Ryu is considered by many to be in the bottom 5, and by almost everyone to be bottom 10.

Ibuki or Laura?

i have played a lot of lauras and they are annoying as hell. i always get trapped in the corner and pretty much thrown to death

im going to work on both but ibuki for the moment to win tournaments

thats the one thing that is pissing me off about sf5,is how useless and low tier ryu is. His parry was one of the reasons why i mained him along with his fireball game but for the most part he is nothing but bad match ups against nearly everyone. why in the hell did capcom nerf the hell out of the main character in the franchise??? its weird seeing guile and balrog as top tiers because they havent been top tiers since sf2 and turbo