Tournament Level Dante players - Videos and Observations

While drilling out training mode combos is beneficial and well, fun. I also think it’s important to accumulate match videos of tournament level players using Dante effectively in actual local matches.

What defines a tournament level player I guess is simply a player who uses Dante against a live opponent in which the match is archived through youtube or stream. No need to get all elitist about skill, keep it simple. I’m sure we’ve got a lot of sick Dante’s here who haven’t had a chance to get out to a “televised” tournament yet.

So far - that I’ve noticed - we got, PR Balrog, Andre “twisted jago-twisted jago”, Magus1234, Richard N., and RogueYoshi.

For Richard N’s Vids, check out the WNF level up stream archive and off-cast archives: (skip to 28 minute mark) - offcast - Videos

To watch some PR Balrog, Rogue Yoshi and Andre vids, check out the team spooky WB5 archives:
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
For the team matches, I believe the teams that have the Dante players are ThisGameisAss, SRK Illuminati, EMP (empire) and a few others.
YouTube - FrameAdvantageDotCom’s Channel

And to see some of Magus1234’svids, check out Iplaywinner’s: - iplaywinner - Marvel vs Capcom 3
(divided into 3 parts - parts 1 and 2 is where it’s mostly at) skip to 1 hour and 10 miinutes on part 1 to get things started.

Shoutouts to Iplaywinner, Team Spooky, Off/Cast, Level/Up, WB5 - Big E.

Anyway, these guys are great and it’s good to see some of our crazy training mode combos get applied in real matches. \

Try to keep this thread posted with tournament (both major/minor/local) videos if you come across them.

Haha, thanks. I’ll try not to drop any more combos though. D:

Oh and WNF vids are usually posted to either Offcasts’ or levelupseries’ YouTube channels:

Like the losers finals match:
@1:02, I almost finished the combo but I friggin’ fail Volcano and get an Air Play. Facepalm. Should’ve been Volcano xx Bee Hive, Jet Stream xx Fireworks xx Million Dollars. ):

What do you guys think of Magus1234’s Dante? I was liking his combos from that online stream…can anyone tell me the exact commands for it?

You are always exciting to watch. And I had not thought to use the rain like that on a new character coming in.

I see a lot of tournament players cancel the pop shredder into the acid rain but cannot for the life of me do this? Is it a weird jump cancel? Anyone know the actual input? d,df,f,uf+L xx d,df,f+L. This is what I imagine it being?

If you’re having trouble with the acid rain, just do your ground combo, into air combo, leading to killer bee, launch ~H ~ S, teleport jump cancel (down, down, up S) into hammer, then follow up with cold shower into bold move, into J.S etc. etc. etc. (basically whatever you want).

Honestly, I’m getting tired of doing skydance, not only is it the most common BnB ender, it’s also fickle as shit, sometimes it hits, sometimes it doesn’t, and it pisses me off.

About Sky Dance, you really gotta spend a few days in training mode to get the perfect positioning down so you just about miss the last hit, but it’s definitely learnable.
And god damn, I should have watched more of your matches Richard. You’re giving me all kinds of new ideas here. lmao

Anybody have inputs for the combo at 1:02, with the finisher he posted?
I’m gonna make this combo my bnb but having trouble during the final phases.

Hey Richard Nguyen, that’s some sick shit. How did you teleport after the propeller?

Hi Genghis, you’re godlike at MvC2. :slight_smile:

By propeller, I’m guessing you mean Prop Shredder. You have to do a jump-cancelled teleport. The way I do it is :d:, :d:, :u:+:s:. You should be pressing the :s: as the last hit of the Prop Shredder connects.

Can’t you just :d: :d: :l:+:s:.? Seems to work for me.

I don’t think you can bold cancel the pop shredder. I’ve never gotten that to work, so I just use down down up S as well.

Lol thanks dude. Yeah that’s what I meant. I spent the whole night last night trying to do your combo… the only part that was inconsistent for me was getting all the hits (or last hit) of the prop shredder. Any tips?

I was thinking about dropping Dante but your videos were very inspiring!

Hmmm, so I believe there are only two times where Prop Shredder will not fully connect:

  1. The opponent is too high and the last hit whiffs, resulting in them just air teching out.
  2. The combo up to this point was too long causing the hitstun deterioration to be too high.

There are certain situations where the opponent can be too low and Prop Shredder will not fully connect, I’ve had it happen in certain combos during training mode. I think there is a specific height where it will almost always fully connect, hitstun deterioration allowing.

Out of curiosity, I keep seeing a lot of Dante’s Air dash in and then they cancel the air dash with either J.:m: or J.:h: and whenever I’m watching it seems like it comes out ridiculously fast in comparison to when I do it. Is there a special technique to it or do I just need more practice with it?

when you jump airdash with two buttons then press J.m or J.h its alot faster than daashing with the stick

Im sorry, not trying to be that guy but do we really need a video thread and a tournament video thread? I mean this thread doesn’t seem to cover any topic that couldn’t be discussed in the video thread.

Do most people play online tourneys or LAN tournaments?

Online? LAN? pft, old school 2 players on 1 console with a CRT TV!