Tournament legality of custom sticks

I’ve been thinking of building a stick with the joystick itself on the right as opposed to the left. Would usage of this be prohibited in tournaments?


The only things that would make it bannable in a tournament would be programmable macro buttons or hidden weapons or something. So swiss army stick with blow torch attachment, I’m afraid.

Nope, perfectly fine as long as you don’t put turbo or some kind of “cheat”-like function into the stick itself.

Custom sticks are fine, hidden macro switch for cheating lol… has anyone tried to cheat that way? I’m sure he will get his ass kicked for it in a tournament.

You could show up with a DDR mat or a Rockband Guitar if you really wanted to.

I hear at EVO2k11 they are only going to allow official MadCatz?Tournament Edition Fightsticks.[URL=“”]

What about moving the start and select/back buttons so that you can plink lp in SSFIV?

Can’t imagine why not. There aren’t any banned controler layouts, and back p-linking is in the game. I say go for it.

If back-plinking is seriously picked up and not banned, i’m quitting tournament play.