Tournament Commentators

Who decides the commentators for sanctioned tournaments? I see players as commentators, tournament organizers as commentators as well as OGs who no longer play but are still active in the FGC.

There is a secret subsection called the SRK Illuminati where members go through strange initiation rituals to earn the right to decide who commentates on matches in all the tournaments.

It may look to the casual observer that commentators tend to just be whoever is knowledgeable/good at talking but is available but actually all are chosen by the SRK Illuminati even down to the smallest local tournament, their influence is just that great.

If you want to get in, try making an introductory thread in the General Discussion section, the codeword is “Superman could beat up Goku”, agents of the SRK Illuminati will be contacting you via pm to arrange for you to begin the initiation process shortly afterwards.

Adam Sessler needs to be a commentator at EVO again for pure comedic value.

But seriously, there are certain guys that I’m sure get paid to do what they do (Chen/Ultadavid/maybe Skisonic), and then sometimes it’s just whoever is most knowledgeable/charismatic, and then sometimes it’s just whoever volunteers. Beyond that there’s not much rhyme or reason to it, and if you’d like to be one, volunteer at a local tournament. Get on Facebook and talk to people.

Illuminati here I come

Things were better when dogface was in the scene and people said thr F word