Tournament-chattanooga,tn-9/26/09-cash prizes

Tournaments still going but I’m handing over the planning and overisight phases to kratos1014 she is a bit more organized than I am. she will be doing a new post for the revised rules

Could you post date/time and location so I can put it in the database at ?

reworking more on tuesday

Tournament Info getting an edit later on today. Been talking to FullMetalSnake for about an hour, straightening out some of the details.

Tournament Info has been updated

Still need to fix your semi and finals numbers. As we discussed, Semi finals and finals of the winner and loser brackets should be best of 3 rounds, best of 5 matches. Grand finals should be best of 3 rounds, best of 7 matches.

I still don’t know the percentage that the store wants of the entry fee. At least you are mentioning that they are wanting a percentage.

You also need to move your tourney info to the first post.

i’m thinking about coming…

I use to live in the Chattanooga area, and I don’t mind coming back there and seeing the place again :smiley:

… even though nothing has changed over the past decade really >_>

Yeah, there needs to be a post about how “much” the venue is taking. As long as it is posted UP FRONT it is not a problem but “a percentage” does not do anything for people that want to drive out that way.

Tournament winners takes 70% of entry fees. 50 percent to first place 20 percent to second place.

It needs to be noted that its $7 for the tourney, $3 for admission (venue costs). That’s a rough figure. I’m assisting in this set up, still debating if I will play or not. I’m not sure what the venue is actually wanting.

As it sits right now there is about 20 people saying they are “thinking” of it. Advertisement is still in the starting phases. If you are sure to be coming, let us know and we will start a registration at the top post.

From what I understood, we have access to all the TVs, but we only have a limited number of PS3s (3 that I’m certain of, up to 5 that are still up in the air).

DreamTR, would love to have you there just to have a higher profile player there. As well as just to meet up with you again. Haven’t seen you since we stopped going up to Galaxy to play BlazBlue.

Derek, your second post seriously needs fixing. Quit editing it from you phone, wait till you get home! You can do more from a real computer!

so only first place gets paid? please post up more organized, like look at some other threads that have the info and just copy that lol.

sounds hype.

First and Second are getting prizes, from what I understand, though second will not be anywhere NEAR the cut that First gets.

FullMetalSnake has really high hopes for this. I’m trying to keep him in perspective on a lot of it.

When he gets off work, this whole thing is going to be better organized. Including a mapquest link to the location, better descriptions of how things will play, etc. But that might be much later this evening. I don’t know when he gets off work.

Tournament information has been updated.

Surllio: I plan on going to cheer on the guys from here, and I am sure you might some Atlanta folks going if it’s not that far =)

Look Forward to seeing you there DreamTR. If this thing gets too big, we may not have room for it.

FullMetalSnake. You might want to put the Tournament time as 4. Not so much to make sure registration is there, but because people will show up WHEN you say the tournament starts.

You still have the grand finals listed as best of three matches at seven rounds.
It should be best of 3 round, best of 7 matches.

Hey FullMetalSnake I think I can help you work this out if you need any help. I live here in the area and I know a good bit about this kind of thing if you need any help let me know.

Surllio: It might not get that big at all, Atlanta has a tournament the SAME day, so it looks like it should be 30 at that’s about it maximum…

Wow, a tournament in Chattanooga.

I’m awful, but I’d like to at least support a local tourney since I can’t afford to drive to Nashville or Atlanta right now.

Tournaments still going but I’m handing over the planning and overisight phases to kratos1014 she is a bit more organized than I am. she will be doing a new post for the revised rules