Tougeki SBO 2008 Results


Super Street Fighter II X

Otochun (Chun Li)
ARG (Claw)

MutekiGuile (Guile)
Shiki (Boxer)

3rd (tie)
Noguchi (Claw)
Yuuvega (Dict)
Hakase (Dhalsim)
Tamashima (Boxer)

Full brackets here (I used the japanese character names on this picture):

Virtua Fighter 5r

Itabashi Zangief (Shun Di)
Fudo (Lion)
JOE (Jacky)

2nd - Shibuya-topia (Amusement Maebashi)
Pochi (Vanessa)
Manpuku (Lau)
Yoroshiko (Jeffry)

3rd - Heavy Bust (Game Good Hill)
Auru (Aoi)
Babu Yoshi (Akira)
Sennin Giri Kage (Kage)

4th - Typhoon (Ikebukero Gigo)
Black Bomjewel (Lau)
Chin Kenichi (Shun)
Yatsuki (Jacky)

Tekken 6

??? (??Egrigori??)
?yoo?sama? (Anna)
Haa Guu (Roger jr.)
??? ?Bob?

Deku (Kazuya)
Kosaka UKU-? (Anna)
Yuki (Julia)

Hammer (Paul)
F box (Leo)
Bakushi (Brian)
??? (Julia)
Oujikusu (Bruce)
??? (Marduk)


Hokuto no Ken

The King Of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

INO Japan
Kuroda (Gouki)
Ino (Makoto)
MOV (Chun Li)

Saru (Yun)
Chinta (Ken)
K (Chun Li)

Champion Road ~Michi~
Boss (Makoto)
Rikimaru (Chun Li)
Ochibi (Yun)
YukiOtoko (Gouki)
Matsuda (Yun)
Umezono (Chun Li)



Arcana Heart 2

Metly Blood Act Cadenza Ver. B

Guilty Gear XX ^Core

Thanks to: myself, nohoho, Spinalblood, MJ#R

Good stuff. :tup:

hopefully Nicky or Justin managed atleast 1 round.

you can see that on the brackets. team american sagat & the other american team got eliminated in the first round. team a.sagat had to face kky team, so no shame.

also, professeur jones managed to get past round 1, cheers to him, we are proud of you!

alright my favorite st player one, the otochun.

well i’m an idiot for playing blazblue during tekken finals…no korean teams in best 4 IIRC…i had 4 hours sleep…anyways, joe ocvs yoroshiko, pochi, and i forgot the last guy\s name cuz i didn’t know the kanji for the win in vf5R, surprised to see babuyoshi in best 4<-the dude is only like 8 years old or something, i forget…and he beat joe in the semis, fuudo ocved them as the chuugen…for anyone that cares

justin’s team has to play munakata’s team tomorrow and pyro’s team plays against roshihikari’s team…whoever wins last chance quals tourney has to face nitto’s team…i think…

rest of vf5r

2nd - Shibuya-topia (Amusement Maebashi)
Pochi (Vanessa)
Manpuku (Lau)
Yoroshiko (Jeffry)

3rd - Heavy Bust (Game Good Hill)
Auru (Aoi)
Babu Yoshi (Akira)
Sennin Giri Kage (Kage)

4th - Typhoon (Ikebukero Gigo)
Black Bomjewel (Lau)
Chin Kenichi (Shun)
Yatsuki (Jacky)

From what I’m hearing, the “live” stream isn’t worth the trouble so far. I’m kinda glad that I’m not even bothering with it; I’ll tough it out for the wait on the dvds. Good work fellas.


Only 1 O.Sagat. And that’s Justin Wongs :wgrin:

Looks like there truly is a “soft ban” on the character. I thought there’d be at least one other O. Sagat though.

Updated the ST brackets witha couple of correction and names/characters for the Chinese team.

did they have 3rd place match too???


i thought the WC team was Cole and watson…were the not able to go??

I hope the results for Tekken 6 will be available very soon. Thanks, by the way ! :karate:


Is that from this years SBO? It says stream… I thought there was no stream this year?

good shit prof jones! now i dont feel so bad gettin my ass whooped on 2df :slight_smile: since his teammate was japanese, I assume he made LCQ?

They did a stream, but they played lots of old footage, had interviews, and one live game from the best of 32

T6 results are so random this year. Not gonna lie, haven’t heard of any of those guys, and only one Mishima in all of the Final 4 teams? Seriously?

Good to see ARG pull off the win in SuperX though.

From Cody (AU/SG)

  • “MOV has his right hand in a cast, he’s broken.”
  • Cody is teaming up with Keeper and Inzai for last chance quals

what happened to watson/cole i dont see them on the brakcet

Such bad luck…

Is someone going to sub in for him or are they stuck as a 2 man team?
Hayao to the rescue!

you have to keep your qualifying team, if you’re down a man, you cant sub in.