Tougeki history

Does anyone have, for each year starting from the first one, the results of - at least - the semifinals and finals of the Tougeki, St and Ts sections?

Besides the names of the players, it would be useful to point out the characters they have used.

“[…] the results of - at least - the semifinals and finals”

Hmm I didn’t even know they had kof2k3 at SBO…I’m somewhat interested in seeing that.

Had no idea they had Samurai Spirits 6 at SBO.

I’ve been meaning to make a results folder at my site. This is the results I got from the past 5 events, some events missing and I’m not being too specific:

SBO 2003:

SBO 2004:

SBO 2005:

SBO 2006:

SBO 2007:

Hope this helps. :tup:

Thank you very much: your great work not only helps but it’s really what I was looking for.

You should put these results on Wikipedia.

I will not do that. I have my reasons why I won’t.

Very cool, though I have a correction.

In SBO 2007, N-Otoko, 3rd place in Guilty Gear used Venom, not Ky.