Tougeki 06: day 2 intro + 3s wrestling game on youtube

3s Wrestling game for EVO 2007.

When are quals for this here? I’m talking about SBO & the 3s wrestling game :lol:?

If there were any doubts left about buying the 3s/hokuto no ken DVD there all gone now. They need to hurry up and release them!

I saw Daigo!!

good shit kofiend lol that’s fire pro the beast of hades is good at that game

O so this is a trailer for the DVD? Ok so when are the 07 quals taking place?

it was the intro they played on day 2

lol that wrestling game was funny as hell, hyper bomb finish.

I seen that “Firepro Wrestling Returns: 3rd Strike Editon” video already. Pretty cool stuff with the CAW feature. Firepro is one of the best when it comes to pure wrestling games.

This brings back memories when i used to play Super Firepro Wrestling XP (SFWXP) everyday for a year on the SNES, or should i say, Super Famicon. :wink:

What a great series of wrestling games…

fuckin awesome.

someone give kofiend some rep points.

the referee wearing poison’s attire. yuck.