Totally new, what to expect?

Hey, guys! This’ll be my first post, so yay!

All right, well, I’ve been playing fighting for a little while now (My first fighting game was Tekken 4), and I’ve decided that King of Fighters XIII might be a fun game to pick up.

I’m coming from Tekken and Street Fighter. From what I gather in watching streams and videos, the game seems to be much more heavily offense and movement based than Street Fighter. It also seems like there are quite a few options for any situation you might find yourself in. Jumping seems pretty important too. I’m sure that I’m missing a whole lot of information on the system, though. If anyone can fill in any gaps or correct anything here, that’d be awesome!

But, anyway, the characters I’m interested in are Mai, Yuri, Athena, Shen, Kim, and Kula. I was wondering if you guys here at Shoryuken could give me some tips.

On another note, I did mess around with KoF 2002 (Not UM) quite a long time ago, but never really understood it enough to become interested. I only played it a couple of times, so I pretty much have no knowledge in it.

Thanks, everyone!

  1. This game is amazing better thn most fighters

  2. Online is not great so if you have no local comp good luck

  3. Tons of good info on sites like dreamcancel and here in the wiki

  4. I’ve owned this game since release and have yet to find anyone in my area to play

  1. Solid system design that makes sense.
  2. Not that alive online, though depends on where you live. If you have an online acquaintance you can play with, the netcode is good in Steam Edition. Console netcode is atrocious and horrible.
  3. You don’t lose at character select. Good and bad characters exist, and some characters have more defined team roles than others, but it’s a system-first game and that smooths out a lot of things.
  4. Amazing soundtrack.
  5. The game cares that you do things properly and cleanly and that you can do them fast if necessary, but not so much about having your timing be robotically exact.
  6. Since this isn’t a tag team game, team building is mostly about matchups and meter management. Basic guide is to have a character that doesn’t need meter on point, one that can do good with a bit of meter or build more as battery, and then someone who can convert meter into monstrous damage as an anchor. Some characters do all of those, some only one or two of those, but basically everyone is playable. Just find what makes you happy and put in the work.

For the basics of how KOF works (examples done with 98, 99% applies to 13 too):

Well, thanks to both of you guys for the replies! I’ll make sure to hop on over to the wiki and over to Dreamcancel as well.

If you can, Steam Edition is definitely the version to get.