TOSF May Thread

highlight of the month;

eric can not adapt sauga sticks.

actually, that was last month.

i vote weakest thread in W: D+M

this thread can still kick your ass in cvs2.

yea and i still think you are the ugliest person ive ever seen in my life.
wanna make a point?

yay finally got a new avatar… thx stephen (2nd best baiken in T.O)



ppl left:
lord magnus

was that it?

do I get one? :sad:

LOL Random Rey’s av is too fucken good.

thanks Stephen :tup:
turned out great

Stephen can you make me an avatar of my Stephen Munro sim?

Stephen; any chance I can get an avatar with ST Chun punching 3S Chun in the face? Don’t sweat it if you don’t have the time though.


slash plz

thx ill buy you kfc some time

DG’s Jugg/Cable/Akuma is too good.




lord magnus

nass: If its too hard to read, let me know


Lord Fagnus got a TOSF av :smiley:

(does he live in Toronto?)

omg Stephen, this is fucking awesome.


parry ahvb is TOO good. Stephen should get an award for these av’s.