Toronto stick modder needed! (HFS3)

Hey there,

Just bought a Hori Fighting Stick 3 (PS3) and am looking for someone to mod it for me, since I have no experience/tools. Looking to upgrade it with Sanwa parts (stick/buttons) as well as an octagonal gate, and possibly put a nice picture on it.

Let me know how much this would cost if you can help me out, as well as if I will be needing to order the parts myself. I’m in the Junction area of Toronto.


you probably have a hard time trying to get sanwa parts now… you should order those on your own before you find the help to do the work


due to my impatience i ordered way to many sticks and buttons from various vendors…
so ill have the parts next week hopefully.

I tried to PM you back but apparently I can’t do that until I get 5 posts in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, what parts/colours did you order? Do you have links to them?

bahaha i hate when that happens…

im not sure yet what im getting to be honest lol.

i have a guy locally in toronto who owes me a few buttons so u may be able to choose.

for myself i got green/orange setup for the SE
and a bunch of misc colour buttons
a few JLF’s
all sanwa buttons…

keep posting and pm me

on second thought, and sorry
i dont think i can do the Fight stick 3, never realized it was so complicated…buttons need to be soldered and solder removed, lots of pcb work…

i can do all that just not in a reasonable amount of time/money…

i have a stick modder buddy who would probably take that on though…

i can supply the parts at least

Alright, well keep me posted one what parts you get. I’ll likely buy some off you depending on what colours you get.



I can do all the modding for you no problem, Im in mississauga, but your gonna have to suplly all the buttons and stick. We can talk about price depending on what you want.

At this point I’m thinking I simply want to swap out the buttons and stick with Sanwa parts. I might have something printed out on lamilabel to throw on there, but I’m not sure.

Do you have a JLF and buttons to put in there? At this point all the sticks and buttons I have are tied up in the builds I have for other people.

I know they dont have any JLFs left in stock but give the playdium store on ronson drive a call to see if they have any 30mm sanwa snap ins left. You could pick them up from there and save yourself the wait and shipping charges from aki shop.

As for the art, Im no artist so that would be up to you to supply it for me to put on.

Its no problem for me to change the button layout for you in the process as well if your not happy with it.

If you want two of the holes plugged to create a real button layout that would be extra because of the time required.

Im you simply want to just plug the two far right holes I actually have two extra button plugs.

Or stick witht hte 8 button layout your choice

I don’t have any parts yet but djbordie above says he might be able to sell me some. I’m pretty sure the JLF is the only stick that can go in the HFS3, right? I’m just not sure specifically what buttons he’s getting.

The art I would be supplying; I just found a template for it so I’m assuming it’s just a matter of throwing my art in there, taking it to Kinkos and having it printed off (then cutting it, of course). The art is the least of my concerns though.

I don’t need any button remapping done. I’m fairly comfortable with the 8 button layout (haven’t hit them by accident yet) so I figure I might as well just stick with it.

So yeah, all I would need done is having the JLF and buttons installed, and possibly some lamilabel stuck on it.

I’m fairly new to all this so do pardon me if I’m speaking in the most generic of arcade stick terms. :smiley:

Would I need to purchase anything else other than the JLF itself, and the buttons?

Thats all you will need. But you do realise that the JLF shaft is too long to fit in there. So you options are

  1. Lap play. I hammer out a bubble for the shaft to have clearence on the bottom.

  2. table play. I cut a hole on the bottom plate the size of a toonie for the shaft to have clearance(the feet give it table clearance)

I’ve read some people just sand down the shaft in order to make it fit. Is that possible?

ive never done it like that so. i have to read up on it.

Bump for great justice.

If you don’t mind shipping overseas I highly recommend a modder on this forum named “Devilsfang” (You could search his username on the search function) I’m from T.O too and I send my stuff to him. He’s from Florida and he does EXCELLENT work. Very professional, prompt, good prices and his works impeccable.