Toronto May 2007. Rain's coming!


Typing of the Dead ranbats

I like this toronto thread more.

i’ll mm u in that game!!

Lord Fucking Useless!!!

Team Overw8.

Let’s have some stupid gimmick that ppl wear Dudley suspenders instead of beads.

team soul patch.

Too much cock smoking going on.

Guys, don’t post my vids online when I lose. I want to keep this “I am Jesus” mentality up.

“beast” and “cock smoking” are words of the day.

lets have ranbats at funland

i think i haf the best chunli in the north america now

Sorry man, apparently Loo is part of North America as well

yeah sorry about making you wait. Right now I’m still thinking up some ideas for that av. I usually take a while with premium request, sorry.

Yo Wtf Y U Guys Making Threads When I Allready Made It!!!

why am i here?
its because yellows4 said this

please try again for june magnus =v=

We like it here better. It’s comfy.

lol Lord Failure’s thread got closed now too. Let’s keep it alive!

VF4 final tuned with card readers now at love getty

just cuz u typed up essays on how to use chunli strategically doesn’t mean ur chun is better buddy

who is this again?
Y would the ranbat be hosted in a shit hole ?

A shit hole with computers that charge 4 freekin dollars per hour !!! Scam i say !!

justin wongs chun is probably better though