Toronto July Thread

Practice up for evo ppl!!!

Teddy sucks cock for quarters.

stephen, ive got the chicago vs nebraska 5on5 from mwc…
good shit yo!

Link please? :sweat:

where did u get that?

I only have the MWC vs Texas 5on5 for ggxx, which u can get here.

edit: n/m, the chicago vs nebraska is on the same site

should i go to orbit today?

JS, are you going to be back from China for July 10th tourney?

I want to see some of the skills you bring back from the home land. Like how you sucky sucky real good and love me long time.

If we’re lucky they won’t let him back into Canada, especially if he tells them he’s from “Orientals” again :lol:

Hey guys, does anyone know if Queens University has an arcade?


i need a t5 av

That’s a sweet avatar, Gaijinblaze.

Went to arcade today and played the shanghai players and couldnt believe how fast theyve improved.

Can someone gimme some quick tips on how to beat a yun that jumps non-stop?
And also how to use V-sak in A3?

and no i won’t be back until sept :frowning:

I assume you’re still using Chun. If he yun is far away and dive kicking, use low rh to beat or trade. if close. parry and close st. rh and you can super jump cancel it. use your air throw. low jab is good against yun too.

god damn…no seed

i planted a seed in your mom


speaks more tagalog than i do…

Just a couple things…

Stephen is a GGXX monster and I’m scared of his Baiken. :sweat:

I showed Jay exactly what would happen to him at T5. :smiley:

Kin is the future of Marvel vs Capcom 2 :wtf:

Jay pimps me a girl that already has a boyfriend. :bluu:

Stephen; I’m sorry about TS4. I’ll hook you up on Saturday. :o

GG’s to everyone today (too bad Wing couldn’t stay). :slight_smile:

… you’re better looking than him
see how that dude let his lady stand? wtf is that. he should get her a seat -______________-

and youre lucky i dont know how to play cvs2 ;p

Yeah that was shitty that he let the girl stand while he’s sitting watching Initial D. Maybe I should have put his head through the wall. :lol:

OWNED IN CVS2! OWNED! You almost had me going with that Blanka Ball Bullshit I couldn’t punish. Almost… :evil:

Np. Make sure u learn everything in that cd man, it’ll really boost your game.

oh yeah JS, I got the baiken “combo” untechable down now