Toronto 2018 Edition

stay Free Let this year be the year of the Degen !


Happy new years!

I’ve been thinking about this, but does anyone here live in the High Park/Etobicoke/Junction area? I’m trying to get a local comic book/video game shop to host a Street Fighter venue of some sort, if you think this would be a great idea, please PM me, Im going to talk with the owner today and see if it’s plausible. If you need to know more, please PM me

What’s a Toryuken?

I went to P mall yesterday cuz I was in the area and decided to play some Ae but sadly it was not 2012 and the player 1 side FP didn’t work at all.
Are there any machines that are 2012 and in working order?

Road to Evo in Toronto hype!

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would be nice to have something a bit closer to home. There’s a bar that hosts Wed night casuals every other week at Keele & Bloor (Bar with no Name) but its strictly casual. If you’re talking about Hairy T on Dundas, would be a good spot for casuals though

I did not know that. But ya, I was talking about Hairy T. Im talking with the owner tomorrow to ask about some questions, but if theres atleast 5 or 6 people that would go for it, Im sure it can work out

From the ST subforums:

ST @ A&C on 22nd

is this still going on? i want to get out and play more since my online connection is spotty at best so matches aren’t that fun…

I don’t know if the Hairy T casuals ever got off the ground, but ‘The Bar with no Name’ still does theirs. I believe next week (feb 8th) is fight game night. it’s on Bloor, bout 2-3 blocks east of Keele.

edit - I wouldn’t bring your super sexy sticks in case they get beer spilled on them. If you have some non-custom i’d bring that one. The customs also scare off anyone the noobs who think you’ll body them!

get in there

i don’t understand, this is a toronto thread

We want Toronto to come out :slight_smile:
If you read, we have RXS doing our stream. Hoping that more guys from out East come with

I’d love to go I wonder if we even have a team for 2012 out here.
Whats the deal with this Bar with no name?

The Hairy Tarantula Venue process is go hold right now, I talked with the owner, and the big problem seems to be storage space, is there anybody willing to donate a TV for the Venue (Just when the venue is on). Hairy T has no storage space, and they only have one TV. They can supply a console, and I can bring mine as well. They have no sticks there or anything so it’ll have to be BYOC. Im talking with the owner about what’s going to happen financially, but the only big thing right now seems to be the TV problem, we just need one or two people to pledge a TV for the night