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iku live


NSB kokujin

Fighting Games Checkers

The current TV boss live

rikimaru TV live now

Lol he was singing.

bosu TV live now with mester

thank you!

nuki reveals why he quit street fighter iv

Basically, Nuki’s problems with SF4 are the same as most people’s. He hates crouch techs, FADC Shoryus, how ridiculous SRK shortcuts have become, stuff like that. He finds SF4 Chun boring to play, and can’t accept certain things like why after something like cr.LKx2 tick throw, absolute guard doesn’t come into play from her crossup kick into cr.LKx2 followup.

He’d much rather see a new Darkstalkers game, CvS or even SF5(but feels that parrying feels the most complete in 3S so bringing that back would be unnecessary). He doesn’t care much about balance, considering he loves fighting CvS2 Sagat, but he’s more concerned about whether or not mindgames and reads come into play. This could explain why he plays 3S and VF so much.

KSK stream on.


Guest,Yakkun, roku, vanao,tokura

bosu is live

makoto SA III >:(

Who is this ‘Devil char’ guy? Rikimaru?
Boss always uses Gill against him, and not in a fair way, if that makes sense :d

rikimaru live
rikimaru id is p-p-b_hasya

rikimaru live

KSK live

chuui live guest Pierrot, KO

atusi live
guest kazuya,heikiti,taihee,tamu

iku live
guest nuki,KO,tokura,Pierrot,kuni

vs bosu Gill

^ Japan is really good at third strike… too good…

That Ken is extremely boss…

rikimaru is live

NSB 3rd

(danisen rank)
kokujin(dudley tisyou,chunli ken oujya,yun mosa, makoto urian tuwamono)
,Chopper(urian mosa,dudley chunli tuwamono)

Chelsea(oro tuwamono)
terubou(yun 10dan)