"top players".-My talk with PerfectLegend

So today I was scrolling through my twitter when I came across a post by Carl white AKA perfect legend saying that he was getting annoyed when he was playing a game that wasn’t his main and people were getting hype when they beat him. I replied back telling him that if its not his main then why should he care? He obviously cares about it to tweet. so he should take the game more seriously. We get into a heated argument that can be viewed on my twitter @ClutchCombo or his twitter @PerfectLegend. and he ends up blocking me because I told him that I think Korea is the best at SF4 right now and that America is the best at mk9 and I told him that he and daigo aren’t in the same league as of yet.

I didn’t make this article to stir drama or to create a scene, in fact I did it for the opposite. I wanted to know if what I said or did crossed the line. All I see was me giving a “top player” a little incentive to play other games and maybe he can pop off but it seemed like Carl got really angry. Is this what we do now? Is this what the FGC is? Although the community can be helpful and rough at the same time I feel that some of the top players feel that because they get screen time that they are better than everyone else. They can treat/talk to anyone anyway they want and thats not right. Why do we praise someone who doesn’t give back? I just want some answers in where we go from here because every time I see good things for us they get clouded by the negative people who join the FGC. Personally I blame greed.

Someone give me some feedback.

(I was really tired when I wrote this Sorry, I wrote this in the wrong thread so I reposted here.)

I’d be pretty pissed as well if some nobody on twitter would be tweeting me to “step up your game, son” and belittling my hard earned achievements in my main games. (3 EVO championships at that!)
The man has some patience if he managed to tolerate it this long. I would have blocked you way sooner.

Can’t a man have a game on the side that he doesn’t take seriously and just plays for fun or to help him in another game.People have their priorities beat him in MK9 then tell him to step up his game then you will get the response you want. It is like your telling a hockey player that you beat 1v1 in basketball to step his game up. Just play the people who have passion in the game your playing don’t try to jump on players who care for other games.

Also when has America not been the best at Mortal Kombat in general throughout the whole series?

Didn’t you already make a thread like this…and it was closed?

It sounds to me like this thread was posted in another forum and then was moved here for not really being about fighting games.

Which is funny because the last one was locked for being about fighting games.

Fuck this high school ass shit.

Lol dude you’re fucking retarded.
Of all the people to talk shit to you picked Carl?
Literally one of the nicest, most approachable guys playing at a high level.

FFS dude you really need less time on your hands.

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Says the dude who constantly posts in that UMvC3 OTT thread. :rofl:

No matter how you look at it…that’s a burn.

Pretty good zinger for sure.

Wait, OTT is some high school shit? That’s the most classiest thread on SRK.

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People beefing on Twitter?
And taking it seriously?
Since when does Twitter = The community?
“Oh, Floe just ate 2 subway footlongs while playing boshy! He’s definitely going to win UMVC3 at Revelations!”

I don’t tweet nobody. I don’t know what “FGC” means to any watchers and keepers of the “korea iz tda best @ sf and here is why i think this,” a week after EVO, 2 player example, and your opinion if you even had one, wasn’t heard before EVO.

Considering nobody knows who you are & if you’ve done anything “to give back” for your beloved like to watch it all from afar “FGC”… expect CHAOTIC FLAMES

but if I did use twitter:

@AfroROM - sup, my name is ROM and i got an afro

> floejisan - BOSHY TIEM KIDS

& Dr Sub is a good guy who answers everything and has a good time on twitter too.

I wonder what people think when posting threads up on SRK with no sense of the word longevity. Anyone wanna place bets before it gets closed?


Ps: twitter is for faggots.

I made a new one cause It was in the wrong place.

I never said korea is the best I said Korea/Japan is the best. I am just acknowledging the fact that Korea made a powerful statement at evo.

I never belittled him I told him that he has achieved great things and that he should take all games seriously.