Top Fighting Game players record training mode practice

Recently, something interesting’s happened. Some of the top Marvel players have started recording their training mode time.

Fanatiq shows the balance changes made to his team in UMVC3 (10 parts):

Justin Wong records himself in training mode (2 hours):

I remember in an interview on WSRK, Fanatiq said that no one could bear to sit in training mode with him for a few hours. I find that interesting, because his first two videos have like 10,000 views. The view count drops off from there, though, and you know why? Training mode is fucking boring. It’s monotonous!

Look at Justin play. People always wonder why Justin is so great at fighting games. Look at how many times he practices that Iron Fist combo. He was doing that the entire time, and he decided to record it once. The man sits in his room and hits the buttons, for real.

Just wanted to say that I like what these guys are doing…these vids work to end the idea that top players have some god-given talent at games. They’re putting the time in, thinking about the game and playing it around the clock