Top 10 grapplers from fighting games

Normally I wouldn’t show much love to grapplers, but in your humble opinon who is your all time favourite grappler? out of nostagia I would choose king, since I remember his viscous holds and mask. But as time when on I’ve liked other grapplers, and not only their style of gameplay but although their personalities in terms of actual video game presentation. Any way who’s your favourite grappler’s from various fighting games? here’s mine


(Mods go easy on me, I’m here for discussion and general chat, and just curious. The video gallery is a ghost town so bear with my embedded video, thanks in advance. Lmao :slight_smile:

Potemkin #1

Where the fuck is Potemkin?

My personal list. Note that SFA1 is my most nostalgic FG.

1: Sodom
2: Iron Tager
3: Astaroth
4: T. Hawk
5: Goh Hinogami
6: Birdie
7: Joseph Joestar
8: Potemkin
9: Thor
10: Zangief

ST Honda for life

  1. Potemkin
    2-9: Potemkin
  2. Kishima Kouma

No other grapplers are even close to those two.

Allow me to fix that list for you
[]Earth Kira
]Time Kira
[]Poison Kira
]Metal Kira
[]Dark Kira
]Wind Kira
[]Love Kira
]Lightning Kira
[]Water Kira
]Plant Kira
Honorable mention

You’re welcome. :coffee:

Let me introduce you to the world of Chinese poverty.


Top 10 in no order:

1: Alex (3S)
2: Haggar
3: Clark (KOF)
4: Hwa Jai (KOF13, he’s got grab supers so he counts)
5: Hugo (3S)
6: Sodom (A2)
7: Mecha Gief
8: Krauser (Fatal Fury)
9: Kusaregedo (Samurai Shodown V SP)


Don’t really play grapplers besides Potemkin and Mila, so those are the only ones I can really speak for.

1 to 10 is Potemkin
11 is Mr. Heart because his Awesome loops

[media=youtube]rWsBvgAu6xo[/media] rWsBvgAu6xo#t=20m08s

12 is Tager because is an interesting concept but sadly not always have been strong enough

13 Waldstein, i know that is to early to tell, but right now he looks mad fun, plus he also is an interesting concept, though quite broken right now

20 Everyone wish to be at 20, but no, 20 to 29 are desserted places, because they are not near to the level of the 1st 4
30 Everyone else

Any list without Potemkin on the top, is automatically wrong, and is an inmense pile of shit, if it doesn’t even have him on the list

kanji! the beefcake emperor

Cerebella is (IMO) Potemkin lite.

#1 Thanatos
#2 UMvC3 Magneto
#3 UMvC3 Wesker
#4 UMvC3 Doom
#5 UMvC3 Hulk
#6 UMvC3 Taskmaster
#7 Potemkin
#8 Clark
#9 Marstorius
#10 Gonzalez

Wolf Hawkfield
Raiden (KOF)

I guess there’s no specific order for me, although Zangief will always be #1 for me because he made me love the grappler style of characters.

Off topic: What the… What is that game called?

On: Fuck it, April in TMNT TF Sega Genesis is the best grappler EVER XD

[LEFT]Xuandou Zhiwang[/LEFT]

sees thread about top 10 grapplers

proceeds to list three characters who don’t actually have a command grab

In terms of personality of how well he works in that game?