Toodles Imp v2 question

I just got a Toodles Imp v2 to put in my Hori FSV3 I plan on mounting it ontop of the existing PCB (after shorting the proper jumpers) and wiring it according to the directions at

I have a few questions:

There are two Black USB wires. Which do I use to wire to ‘G’?

Can I use any 360 wired PCB I want to wire into the Toodles? Are there any specific ones that work best or some that I should avoid?

What’s a good way to attach the toodles securely onto the stock PCB?

Here’s a diagram I MSpainted with the toodles ontop of the stock PCB. Does this look good?

As long as your 360 PCB is common ground you should be good. The 5th black wire is shield ground. You can use the ground next to D+

For the 360 PCB, the Madcatz brawlpad/fightpad is the easiest since you do not have to invert the triggers. But if you use another standard common ground 360 pad you’ll most likely need to invert the triggers to have a usable RT/LT.

I need common ground even if it’s going through the Toodles? Thanks

How hard is it to invert the triggers?

You still need to wire up the 360 pad’s inputs to your Hori PCB

can’t believe I forgot that. Can I just solder the wires to the points on the back of the Hori PCB?

Yup you can! That’s what I did with my hori scv stick!

Wired on the back with a 360 pad and used impv2


Is it secure to just hotclue the imp piggyback onto the stock Hori PCB or will I run into trouble?

So basically I solder both black wires to the same point G for USB, and both of the PS3’s USB points to ‘G’ as well on the right side of the toodles?

You realize that “Toodles” is the name of the guy who created the PCB, and the actual name of the PCB is the Imp v2?
So when you say “… solder it to the toodles”, it really doesn’t make much sense. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know the answer to this?

I know