Too much Negative Edge?

I might get trolled for saying this, but let me preface this post by saying that I’ve played three different versions of the game: The Gamecub version, the Dreamcast version, and the original Naomi arcade version via emulation running at 60FPS and no graphical glitches (some sound glitches, very minor though).

I like this game a lot but can’t really get into it due to the Negative Edge. Moreso than any other fighter I’ve played, barring maybe SF4. Because doing a very basic combo results in Negative Edge and I get the wrong move out. Such as I play Rock Howard, I do a basic combo crMK into QCF Repukken, I get the MK counter while only hitting MK once. Basically apply that to every character. That basic combo never really works for me. And I’m decent to good at other fighters like 3S or Alpha 2 or Garou, and etcetera. The only characters I can use are Terry and Sagat because it doesn’t really effect them too much.

So is this something common with the game? Or am I the only man in the world who’s affected by this?

I don’t think this is particularly common with the game as a whole. Rock in particular however is more susceptible to this due to many of his moves having the same commands. That fool has alot of special moves.

Easiest thing to do is just hold down the button longer. Hold that when doing the Reppuken and it should come out easily. Same thing applies for (block) xx run shift into Evac. Just hold the button(s) down longer than you would another character. This used to bother me too…until I did that therefore not letting Negative Edge to happen.

I’ve tried it but it still happens randomly. Plus linking into crLP or crLK into Super with Rock is pretty much impossible due to the Negative Edge.

You might be moving the stick too fast, its slower than some might think. I don’t know how you are linking it, but i do, c.lp, (hold mk) xx super with lk button.

I am not sure what else to say but to hold it down more and just be a lil more patient with the stick movements compared to other guys. Remember if you negative edge its either you let the button go or the stick is moving too fast before the actual button is pressed.

Really? I could’ve swear that I’ve heard Buktooth or some1 mentioned that the NE-window in cvs2 is like ridiculously big, but of course I could be wrong…

I probably should have been more clear. Its not that big a deal for the Negative Edge for most characters imo, unlike Rock where theres so many overlapping moves that if you mess the NE up it can kill you.

Rock has one of the worst Negative Edges in the game. Try to do a c.MK --> QCF x2 super. You’ll land this super combo link by luck.

It’s all strict timing, that’s what it is. I main Rock at that game and I know exactly how you feel.
First of all let me say that c.MK --> Reppuken is not a good combo to use.

Second, with Rock you need to slow down with your timings. If you do your shit too fast the inputs will get messed up. There no input leniency in this game like SF4.

Slow down, but you can’t slow down too much either. It’s a whole learning process. Learn the timings and links.

I used to practice Rock’s links for hours and hours… like his x2 --> --> qcb shoulder hit (sweet 5 hit combo)

and if you get even more advanced with timings… use his x2 --> --> qcf x2 kick super (the one where he charges through the screen really fast like Terry’s busterwolf)

I’m not just saying Rock suffers from NE, but basically every character I tested. Like I used Geese; did crLK into Lk Jaienken and I would just get crLK again. It’s not the input, I used Alex in 3S, he’s all about HCB grab. I can do crLK into his projectile no problem, very occasionaly do I get just a sLP or something weird.

Terry and Sagat just works out for me because of the NE. If I do crMK into LP Burn Knuckle, even if NE fucks me over I get crMK Crackshot, and that should combo. I can easily do his LKx3 into Busta Wolf. Same with Sagat, he’s so easy you can just hit confirm off of almost anything.

Hitting a into dash super on whiff punish can be a lil challenging, but if you are comboing i don’t find it that hard. Just gotta find the timing and then once you press, don’t let go.

As for Geese, theres usually no reason to use into Jaienken. c.hp/s.hp are the more common moves to link it in. He does suffer a bit with negative edge and it still gets me from time to time, but once you slow down a bit, you should be able to hit the Jaienken instead of counters. Again the only thing i can say is to learn the timing for it, slow down a bit, and hold the button down thats doing the unintended move. Crack Shot at a certain distance isn’t safe even on hit…

the NE window in cvs2 is actually pretty big, but once you get used to it it’s no biggie. if you still struggle with it hold down the button you’re negative edging. cvs2 is pretty lenient on inputs in general, I think.

^^ So you mean, if I’m Geese I should hit HP, hold HP, then HCB+LK? It’s still inconsistent for me dude.

im not even going to read this thread.

heres how to stop negative edge:


since i’ve skimmed rock’s name in this thread heres some tips:

basically start off with doing easy cancels like, cl. hp > reppuken.

just do those and make sure to hold the hp down.

then get down to more hard stuff like c. lk > > super.

eventually you’ll get used to holding the last input so much you wont even think about it.

So funny I clicked on this to see if anyone about bring up Rock’s cr.Forward to super link. XP. I can never do it either. I don’t have too much trouble linking cr.Forward > super with Shotos and cr.short, cr.short > Buster Wolf (and if I biff it I’ll get a power dunk, but that’s pretty rare), but yeah, Rock’s is a pain in the ass. I see people to it on youtube replays and I can only fathom how long they’ve practiced that link.

because NONE of those are links.