Tony Jaa Throws a Segal Becomes a Monk

No more flying knee elbow ultras for awhile :sad:

I think with the right action director Jaa would have been amazing…Good Luck with the elephants

I came in here expecting a transfroming Segal being thrown and I get bad news?

Double up a fuck.

I seriously thought Tony Jaa became a Monk and threw Steven Segal or something. I was like DAAAAAAAAAAAMNNN…then I see this. I’m disappoint

Now that Jaa is out for a while, this will only make Donnie Yen a more obvious choice for “best action actor”

hahaha i think it was already obvious after the debacle of ong bak 2

Speaking from experience I was a monk for two weeks when I had to do a right of passage to adulthood. Those two weeks was the most relaxing and life changing experience. It seem like time just slow down when I meditate with the monks.

I think Tony Jaa will be back in action no time and being a monk will only give him time to short out whatever his problem may be.

Pretty much but Donnie Yen is getting old.

i never use that as an excuse til he starts clearly dropping off like jackie chan, jet li is pretty old now but man that dude can still go…so can samo. so i really cant use that as an exuse just yet.

wait until you see the debacle that is ipman 2.

man ong bak 2 was dope.

Ong Bak 2 was TERRIBLE. I’m not even gonna bother watching the 3rd one.

Jesus, apparently Ong Bak 3 was half assed? I thought two was merely ok but if the third is worse? Yeah, no thanks.

I don’t understand why did they take the series in that direction ?

Tony Jaa would have been waaaaay more popular if he just learned english, like Jet Li and Jackie Chan

How do you know he doesn’t know how to speak English? Yeah Ong Bak 2 was good, a lot better then the 1st one.

Also age has nothing to do with it, look at Gordon Liu & Lau Kar Leung, they old as fuck…

Yeah Ong Bak 3 is one of the biggest pieces of garbage i’ve ever watched. I didn’t even finish number 2 so i don’t know why i went to go watch it.

Damn shame, that guy was crazy. I doubt that we’ll never see him again, just not soon.

On a side note, Seagal was a Buddhist practitioner for the vast majority of his life. He’s a recognized Tulku, amongst many other accomplishments. This is why he is a God among men.

WTF?! I thought it was Tony’s job to save the dying martial arts genre? We aren’t going to have Jackie for to much longer.

Ong bak 2 had variety and I loved the action,I don’t see what’s terrible about it,but whatever.