Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X

Cool game. I’m about halfway through on Normal mode. Anyone else?

nikkos010 if anyone hankers some deathmatch. I haven’t been able to find a game yet. I don’t have a headset, so you won’t hear my screams when I die :wgrin:

Cool game, indeed. I don’t think it’s worth my $60 though. You have to be very selective nowadays.

I bought it 'cause it’s the only decent combat flying game on the PS3. It looks good and it’s fun. It could be a rental, but I’ve put in 6 hours on it now and am only at 57% completed on normal. online team death match, trophy hunting, and challenges make it a pretty deep game.

It’s only the 4th game I’ve purchased for the PS3, (Devil may Cry 4, Wipeout HD, and SFIV being the other three) I’m not up on 1st person shooters, there’s no good RPGs, and nothing else has caught my eye. Though I did hear DeadSpace was good, and FFXIII needs to hurry the fuck up,