Tokyo Game Action RanBat #3.3 GDLK pre Evo Results

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike 24 players

  1. Paul Wall [GO]
  2. Smoothcat [CH]
  3. Nestor [YU] (forfeits)
  4. iLL wiLL [MA]
  5. Marlin Pie [KE]
  6. Tony Goodshit [IB]

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core

  1. Marlin Pie [ED]
  2. XAQshinor [DI]
  3. HNH [SO]
  4. NerdJosh [FA]
  5. Tony B. [MI]
  6. Azn Dave [PO]

Super Street Fighter II X

  1. Paul Wall [VE] *Dictator
  2. Azn Dave [CH]
  3. Smoothcat [GU]
  4. Gridman [T.H]
  5. Ernest [DH]
  6. Nestor [O.SA]

Capcom vs SNK 2
*split pot

  1. Team Celtics [Wall: K-Geese/Sagat/Cammy - Smoothcat: A-are]
  2. Team Ken-oh’s army [JBeam: C-Iori/Ken/Rolento - Tony B.: K-are]
  3. Team John [John: C-Chang/Chun-Li/Sagat]
  4. Team Goodshit [Tony Goodshit: C-are - Lil Goodshit: C-are]
  5. Team Beauty & Da Beast [Ed: C-are Jasmine: C-Mai/Chun-Li/Cammy]
  6. Team Even Stevens [Gridman: C-Sagat/Rugal/Yama - Rob: K-Raiden/Chang/Sagat]

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl

  1. PikaPika! [Pika]
  2. JesiahTEG [Snake]
  3. OmegaBlackMage [GW]
  4. Buuman [MK, D3]
  5. TuxedoMask [??]
  6. Nuro [Snake]

Melty Blood: Act Cadenza

  1. ZAQshinor
  2. Nerd Josh
  3. dj-de
  4. Kayin
  5. Spic Tom
  6. Nuclear Cheese

Marvel vs Capcom 2

  1. Rob
  2. Tony B.
  3. Ill Will
  4. Nerd Josh
  5. Ralph
  6. Smiley

Side Tournaments:

King of Fighters 98’ UM
*split pot

  1. Nestor/Ed
  2. Random Tay
  3. Gridman
  4. Ralph
  5. Spictom

Hokuto No Ken

  1. Ernest
  2. Nestor
  3. Azn Dave
  4. Random Tay
  5. Tony
  6. Ed

Thanks again everybody for showing up.

  • Good to see the NY/NJ crew, try not to hassle me so hard for your prize money next time if you’re not leaving, Im not going to run off with it and I leave it in the office which is not always open to me, thats all, thanks.

  • Gonzales & co. for keeping the hype alive, always a pleasure.

  • Thanks to Kayin, Tony and Josh for setting up the laptop. Wilson, Smooth, Caddles and Ralphus for helping me with some of the brackets.

  • Sup to the bitches I know and talk to all the time. I know yall love me especially Jas. :rofl:

  • Ed punching Spictom in the chest with Raoh’s FKO for his racist comments online was priceless. Online = SERIOUS

  • Intense KOF98 rivalry matches with ED vs TAY. Both punching walls, seats and tables. Screaming out of pure frustration. TOO GOOD.

  • BADSHIT to Delvis and “Cena” Paul for trying to sneak in without paying then trying to lie to Andy (ex-cop) and I about who gave who the money to pay the fee. I don’t know what really happened but when you don’t have a bracelet and didn’t sign in on the signup sheet all evidence points toward the contrary. Next time you guys should stay home instead of trying to change stories, blaming it on each other and then on Caddles of all people…

  • Badshit to the ST players that didn’t show up.

  • Imma try to get brand spanking new sticks on these games for the next tourney!!!

Who is Rob, who won MvC2?

Also, Brian didn’t show up for ST? I told him 1 day ahead of time I wasn’t going, are you telling me that’s why he didn’t go?

LOL at team “Beauty and Da Beast,” that’s funny.

Besides that pretty predictable results, except that Josh placed so low in Guilty Gear.

Sorry I couldn’t make it, I just dropped over 300 bucks on my cookout next week and I haven’t bought any food yet. However besides food, most of the stuff is reusable so hopefully I won’t have that kind of expenses for future ones, and it won’t keep me sitting on my ass playing Soul Calibur 4 during a TGA event again!

Nestor not only do i hate ur guts for putting me in the losers in 3s, but i beleive i got 1st im sick of seeing smooth up there cause he is BASURA!!! damn no faith

and to all u guys (phil brian) who didnt show up for st i hate your guts wtf all this talk about MMs and blah blah and they dont show wtf.

Goodshit to goodshit U need to swing by my house and join one of our sessions on a saturday. Also thanks to jasmine for coming down hope u had fun. Have fun in japan ness ern and ralph and HELLLLLLLLOOOO VEGAS!

Also thx to smooth for holding me down in cvs2 read the fuckin signature and you c wtf im talking about.

I wonder what game sf4 is gonna replace in the ranbats?

and b4 im out thx to ness ern will and whoever else ran brackets cause that shit is no fun.

I won MvC2, at least, the first tourney. They had a 2nd one later after team salem showed up. I think i got 4th in that one, dunno though.

Good shit to everyone i played in everything. I’ll make a real post sometime later.

Goodshit to all the placers… back to that T6 and SC4, see u guys in Vegas

Out with the old and in, with the new!

No faith? What is that suppose to mean? You run a tourney with 3 hours of sleep and post results at 4am with fiery red eyes. Honest mistake bro.

st sticks left much to be desired

good shit to everyone that came out

bad shit to random cats touching the pc when we was trying to run brackets

I heard Caddles was expecting his eternal rival to show up. Haha, sorry guys, if I knew about this tournament a week ahead, I would’ve came down. I’m barely on these forums nowadays, cuz of work and other stuff. Perhaps next time I’ll make it down. =)

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to support the cause yesterday. Also a big thank you for your patience with the wait times on food.

Thank you to everyone who ran brackets and assisted with the tourney.

So yes, the next time you come to TGA for any fighting game gathering we will have Street Fighter IV, and it’s all thanks to everyone here.

Also, 3S and ST will have brand new sticks for the next event.

Really, thanks everyone for making the trip out in spite of the million other things that are going on right now with events and finances. This weekend was vital to for making our SFIV payments.

Also for those that didn’t make it to this ranbat, your support in the past is just as important and helped to make SFIV a reality, so a big thank you to you as well!

As a side note we are thinking about getting HNK for fun for the next event, maybe switch it out with KOF, we also have an SVC Chaos board, so we can switch that out once in a while if there is enough interest for a side tourney.

Well, I know most people are getting ready for EVO and Japan, so I won’t hold you up with my babbling.

Thanks everyone!!!


Sorry, what can I say… Phil cancelled his appearance yesterday, I was kind of annoyed and decided not to make the hour and forty minute drive out…

your location says boston…

at most, tga is like an hour and 15 minutes away from boston.

I don’t know where you’re getting that number from but its wrong. Google says an hour fourty, and thats what it took last time. Anyway direct your bitching at Phil please. After all the money match talk, he’s the one who cancelled them.

I heard you live in brookline? Thats like 10min from me and ill have to agree with Weak Sauce and not google on that one.

I was happy I made the trip to go yesterday. Hopefully next time I’ll play something more than just Melty all day.

Also, it’s an underscore not a dash!

given that was my drive (and a main reason i had to leave early :sad: ) 1:40 is more accurate for a drive time

that said, i had an awesome time :woot:

now back to practice mode

Good shit to XAQ and Josh. And Nes, you should have ran Boxer. Easy first place. =p

you must follow the speed limit or something.

also the next time a smash player decides they are gonna be dumb and put their hands on me in any way when i say that the game is garbage i will destroy u on the fucking spot

i had a sunburn really bad and the only reason u did not get your ass whipped was because i didnt want to make any trouble for andy

Items are banned in a fight with a Smash player.

there were two marvel tournies because me and 2 of my friends got there after it started so i ran a second 1

top 3 for first mvc2 tourney were

  1. rob
  2. ill will

for the second mvc2 tourney the results were

1 king caddles
2 paul (from salem)
3 tony b