Tokyo Game Action presents: USA EC Tougeki-SBO Qualifiers June 9/10 & 16/17

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It is with great pleasure that I can make the formal announcement regarding our Tougeki Super Battle Opera United States East Coast qualification Dates and format details.


Saturday June 9th 2007 and Sunday June 10th 2007

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike And Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition

Saturday June 16th and Sunday June 17th 2007

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

East Coast Qualifiers will be held at:

"Tokyo Game Action"
5 Summer Dr.
Winchendon, Massachusetts 01475

Tom (Arlieth) will be running the West Coast Qualifiers for Street Fighter III Third Strike and Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition at Family Fun Arcade in California. FFA’S details are as follows:

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

For additional information please contact Tom (Arlieth) at


As we did last year, TGA will be retaining our unique format by holding separate, consecutive tournaments, within the above listed weekends to determine the team members for each game.

All entrants will be qualifying on their own and earning their spots on the teams individually.

With this format each person will be given a MINIMUM of 6 matches to qualify before they are eliminated.

TGA has elected to hold their tournaments last (as in after the other American qualifiers) to prevent any disruption in teams.

3 tournaments will be held for Street Fighter III 3rd Strike on Saturday June 9th, 2007 and Sunday June 10th, 2007 to determine the three Street Fighter III 3rd Strike team members. All three tournaments will be conducted during that weekend.

2 tournaments will be held for Hyper Street Fighter II the Anniversary Edition on Saturday June 9th 2007 and Sunday June 10th 2007 to determine the two team members for Hyper SFII AE. All two tournaments will be conducted during that weekend.

3 tournaments will be held for Tekken 5 to determine the three team members
on Saturday June 16th and Sunday June 17th 2007. All three tournaments will be conducted during that weekend.

All three tournaments will be best 2 out of 3, single elimination.

Each entrant will pick one character to compete with for the entire length of the first tournament. The winner of the first tournament will retain their chosen character and must use that character during the Tougeki finals in Japan.

The second tournament will follow the same format. Each entrant, minus the first winner, will enter using 1 character which must be different from the character that the first winner used.

The third tournament will follow the same format.


Player A wins the first tournament using Chun Li

All players except player A, may enter again, for the second tournament, but cannot use Chun Li.

Player B wins the second tournament using Ken.

All players with the exception of players A and B can enter the final tournament, and can use any character except Chun Li and Ken.

Player C wins the thrid tournament with Ryu completing the final team of players A, B and C with Chun Li, Ken and Ryu.

-TGA’s qualifiers will be run on the Japanese versions of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike and Hypers Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition. Tekken 5 D.R. will use the American software.

All games will be played in Japanese versus style / Head to Head Cabinets, and will use Sanwa Sticks and Buttons.

Please note that Tekken 5 will be STICK ONLY, per Tougeki regulations.

General Notes:

-TGA will remain 100% impartial and use computer generated random seeding.
TGA will not adjust brackets or alter seeding in any way.

-TGA staff members will accompany the winners to SBO and provide all
relative assistance. ALL PLANE TICKETS WILL BE ROUND TRIP (more details will come as soon as we find out who qualifies).

  • All TGA entries will be required to bring a completed waiver form
    (available for download prior to the tournament) and government issued
    identification to the tournament in order to participate.

Additional information regarding rules, regulations, entry fees…etc will be posted.

A big thank you to everyone for their continued support. We look forward to seeing everyone and we wish all teams for all locations the best of luck! More
information will follow soon, so check back often.


Andrew McGuire
Tokyo Game Action Inc.


Hey everyone, very sorry for the delay on the updates, we’ve been very busy for the past few weekends, we really apologize for not answering your questions earlier. BUT HERE WE GO!!!

Schedule for June 9th(Saturday) and June 10th(Sunday) Qualifiers:
Store hours: **
Friday = 2pm - 12am
Saturday = 10am - 11pm
Sunday = 11am - 12am

Tournament Scheduling:

10am - 1pm: Store Opens/Registration begins

 -$50 to enter the 3s or AE qualifiers. If you enter both it'll only cost you $75 instead of $100. The fee includes: free play all day for all games, your tournament entry fee, and entrance to the building for both Saturday and Sunday.
 -If you do NOT want to enter the qualifiers but want to come watch and play casuals you will only need to pay $15 for EACH day.

**1pm - 2pm: ** Bracketing (random seeding)

**2pm - 11pm: *Tournaments begin (For these tournaments, we will NOT tolerate for people coming to their matches late, if you are not at the cabinet within 2 minutes of your match you will be DQ’ed, no exceptions!)
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

-1st tournament = 2pm start
-2nd tournament = 6pm start
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition**

-1st tournament = 6pm start


**11am: **Store opens/Registrations for the last tournaments begin

12pm:** Tournaments begin

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike **

-3rd tournament = 12pm start
Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition**

-2nd tournament = 2pm start

Award Ceremony for SFIII:3s and HSF:AE = 5pm

Side Tournaments: **

Start time 6pm

-50% of the pot will go towards the “Send EC USA to Japan” fundraiser :lovin:
-The other 50% will go towards 1st and 2nd place 25/25% split.
*Selection of games and entry fees will be determined after the quals.

-If you show up late, for the 1st tournament and u still wanna enter the other 2, it is still $50 entry fee.

-ALL PLANE TICKETS ARE ROUND TRIP! The rest of the details on that will be determined upon the completion of the qualifiers. :tup:


With loveeeeee,
TGA Staff

I’ll be there for Melty Blood!


June 9th is my birthday :D!

good shit

if anyone needs housing for 3s weekend… even though i’m an hour and a half away i’m going to have to drive there anyway… so i’ll put up housing for 3-4 people like i did last year.

looking forward to this, as it was really my entry into the tournement world last year. I hope the experience this year matches last year… if not exceed it. Hopefully this time we will get more than 30 people.


now just tell us if we get free tickets to SBO if we win AE. if so, i’m there. if not, i’m not picking up this shitty game again.

so who is going to be my partner in japan???

RedBeard, anyway you can house me again?

We may be able to house a few people here. It’s like 5 minutes from TGA. If you don’t mind the noisy fucking rabbit. :rofl:

All qualifying teams receive free round-trip airfare to Japan.

Gavin; will there be tournies for any other games that weekend? I’d like to bring GTASF representation but it’d be nice for me to have something to do aside from talk shit for my players.


Yes there will definetly be side tourneys during the weekend of the quals. However, if you are part of the SBO qualifiers you must be there at all times or at least tell us where you are going so we can contact you. We still have to make out a set schedule of how we’re going to do things.

Again we’ll keep updating plans for this crazy weekend, but rest assured we’ll have a lot more than 3s/HF competition on June 9&10. :tup::tup::tup:

Oh and for everyone’s information, i wont be here in the States for a whole month (from tomorrow to mid Mar.) I’ll do my best to get online while i’m in HK, and answer all your questions when i can. If i can’t make it to your questions, i’m sure Andy will help out as much as he can. He’s been really busy with the business so don’t expect too much. But hey, we have alot of time to prepare for this, no need to rush rush rush! :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

ummmm me fool who gonna beat me on the ec in AE?

I AM! What you know about 0 frame standing RH with Vega???

It’s that time again!

LOL dont steal my shit

I’m going to qualify for 3rd Strike.


couple ae questions-

is akuma legal?

what happens when two people want to pick the same ww character?

also sbo should run this game instead-


John actually asks some interesting questions. Won’t matter anyway, I’m still winning, but they are interesting.

And I second the Dice game. “SEVEN FIVES!”

You’re also gonna qualify for Arcana Heart right?