Tokyo Game Action presents: TGA Ranking Battle and Special Guests from Japan!

Saturday, Aug 12th: TGA Ranking Battle and Special Guests from Japan!!!

** Tokyo Game Action is proud to present:**

*“The TGA Ranking Battles”

"Tokyo Game Action"
5 Summer Dr.
Winchendon, Massachusetts 01475

Date & Time:
Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Signups start at: 3pm-4pm*******
All tournaments START at: 5pm *******
All tournaments MUST END by: 12am (Store closes at that time)


List of games:
Note: ALL games are in Japanese Double Cabinets with Sanwa parts

Capcom vs SNK 2
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Singles Tournament *******
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Team Tournament More details at the bottom of the page
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Super Street Fighter II X (aka ST)
Marvel vs Capcom 2
King of Fighters XI
Street Fight Zero 3

Entry fee details:
$10 Flat rate
$5 Entry fee for each game (CvS2 and 3s will be $10)*******

-The Flat rate charge will let you play for FREE the ENTIRE night, including the tournament and casual matches later on. This way people can have a lot more matches in and be able to enter every tournament without worry about expenses (except the entry fee).
-Minimum number of players needed for each game: 8
- If there is less than 8, we will do a Round Robin best 2/3
-Winnings/Prize money: 1st place - 70%, 2nd place - 20%, 3rd place 10%*******
-All the money made from these Battles will be put towards: paying off and buying more cabinets+games and keep these cabinets in the BEST condition they can be in.

Tournament Rules:
-Seeding will be based on your “TGA Ranking Battle Points”. If you do not have any points you will be seeded randomly.
-DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Best 2 out of 3. FOR ALL GAMES (yes, CvS2 also.)
-Winners and Losers Finals will be best 3 out of 5. (Grand Finals will be 4/7, CvS2 will be 3/5 still.)*******

Match-up and Game Rules:
-If you lose, you can change your team/character. Winner must stick with the same character until he loses.
-CvS2, you MUST stay the same order if you win.
-SF3s you can change your SA (super art), even if you win.
-MvC2 and KoFXI you can change your team order, even if you win.
-There are to be NO GAME FREEZING GLITCHES IN ANY GAME. If you do i’m going to kick your ass! Plain and simple.
-ST: Gouki is banned!!!

Point system details:
1st Place - 10 Points
2nd Place - 7 Points
3rd Place - 5 Points
4th Place - 3 Points
5th Placers - 1 point

About TGA’s Arcade:

  • TGA is an authentic Japanese Arcade. It has both Bemani(music) games and Fighting Games. ALL fighting games are in Japanese “candy” cabinets.
  • All cabinets and games are in PERFECT condition (knock on wood :sweat:)
  • All cabs have brand new Sanwa parts
  • There are also 12 lanes for bowling.
  • We sell all kinds of Japanese/American snacks. We have bottled drinks along with fountain drinks.
  • There is a cafe area which is going through some work, but will open up hopefully soon :wink:
  • Virtual Tour of TGA:*** Coming soon…***

(Ranking Battle Matches will be recorded, if someone has an extra camera or two PLEASE make a post or send us a PM to this username so that we can capture these matches for everyone. Eventually we’re going to do Direct Feed.)

Special Main Event:
“Street Fighter III: 3rd strike Team Tournament”

  • Time: When the RanBat Grand Finals finish.
  • Entry fee: $10 cover charge (if you have already payed for the Ranking Battle cover charge you’re all set).
  • Pot money: $15 ($5 per person), free play mode.
  • Prizes: 1st place = 70%, 2nd place = 20%, 3rd place = 10%*******


  • Teams of 3
    • If you can not fulfill your team of 3, then you may choose to play alone, but you’ll be the only person on your team meaning: you lose one match you lose that game. There will still be a $15 entry fee. :arazz: :arazz: :arazz: *******

Single Match, Double Elimination rules:

  • Each team will have their players play single matches (there is no 2/3 or 3/5 matches in this tournament). If your team loses against one team, you are still alive and able to continue in the tournament. But if your team loses twice in the tournament, you are eliminated.
    • For example, Winner’s Bracket: If Player A of Team 1 defeats Players A, B, C on Team 2, Team 1 wins against that team and advances on to the next match in the Winner’s bracket. Team 2 will be also be able to continue in the tourney, but that will be in the Loser’s bracket. Don’t forget that you still have a chance for 1st place even though you are in the Loser’s bracket.[/color]

We are going to have special guests from Tokyo, Japan to compete in our tournament! The competitors are:

-Issei (SBO 2005 SF3s Finalist) [YU] ???(pretty sure he can’t make it :wasted: ) [COLOR=“Red”]*******
-Genki (SBO 2005 SF3s Qualifier) [AL]
-Masarou (Game Newton rep) [KE]
-Vanaow (Game Newton rep) [RY]

also, another special guest, but from NYC…
-KOfiend (SBO 2005 SF3s Qualifier) [YA]

Hope to see you all there! Bring on the competition to our NEW HOME:lovin: !

This announcement was brought to you by,
:karate: Tokyo Game Action :karate:


From 95 North, take the **EXIT towards 495 North.

  • From 495 N, take EXIT 29B, then that’ll be Rt.2 WEST. (20-30 min drive)

  • From Rt. 2 W, take EXIT 24B, then tha’ll be Rt.140 NORTH. (10-15 min drive)

  • From Rt. 140 N, keep going straight down for about 15 min.

  • Eventually you are going to run on a little bridge with a pond on your right, from there take a RIGHT onto Beech Street.

  • At the end of Beech St., take a right onto** 5 Summer Dr.** and you’ll see our beloved :karate:

japan at tga wtf just tell people smooths coming and its a wrap

Issei!!! I’m so there

hmmm fuck u

yo gavin i want to go to this how much i got to throw u for gas

I got my liscense so i’m def going…but i wouldn’t mind if someone could bring me, cause driving at night = really uncomfortable still… well i’m uncomfortable with driving in general >_<

So i’ll pitch in gas or w/e to anyone who can grab me.

Also anyone want me on their team? :slight_smile:

ugh you people and your last resorts: paying for gas… AGHHHH WHY CAN’T ANY OF YOU JUST DRIVE LIKE ME??? :arazz: :arazz: :arazz:

Where exactly is Winchenden and how far is it from Boston or Worcester?

Winchendon, MA is approx. an hour away from Boston.
EDIT*: Sorry, its actually about an hour away from Worcester also.

i’m gonna try and show up…i have to redeem myself after my abysmal performance @ opening day -_-.

So if you pay the flat rate fee. Your able to enter every game thats listed? Cause the only entry fee I see is for 3s team? So how much is to enter each individual game and how much does top 3 actually get? Or is it a free tourney basically?

Its $10 to get in basically. Then its $2 per game you want to enter (that $2 is for the pot, winner takes all).

Everything will be on freeplay that day, as long as you pay that 10 you’re straight.

The 3s team tourney will be $15 per team. and the prize is the pot money for 1st 2nd 3rd placers.

EDIT!: Sorry sorry, but there has been a change in the date. The tournament will be on Saturday, August 12th! The schedule needs to be changed due to technical difficulties (some cabs need to be sent to fix) and staff member shortage.:sweat: :wasted: :confused:

screw you gavin why can’t you guys do it a week or two earlier i’ll be in cali dammit. Haha it’s all good. I’ll probably stop by TGA in a week or two need to play you again.



Can’t wait to see niggaz beast!

I think there should be the 10 dolla flat rate, but then have a 5 dolla entry fee for all the games. Drop the whole ranbat thing, since most people havent been there before or will go there to the one after this one(not that they wont want to, but it’s soo far away). I dont think you have enough local players to have a ranbat tourney Gavin(I can think of 4…). I think your best bet is to make it a regular tourney and try to attract as many out of state players as you can. Build a community, and when you have alot of locals is when you have ranbats. Just cause they do it in Japan, doesnt mean that it will work here.
It’s not like Im thinking of myself or anything like that. I probably wont make it to this one(since I’ll be in NY), but I think you will have a bigger turnout by having a 5 dollar pot instead of a 2.

Also I dont think you should let 1 person be his own team(3s). I mean whats the purpose of having a team tourney if you are 1 person. How ghey would it be to have 2 people in the finals and they are both a 1 man team?? …shit would take forever! …double elim too… pfff… …that would be the equivalent of a reg. tourney, double elim… 3/5…

just my 2 cents

Hey shodokan,I’ll take u up on that offer. :tup:

yeah there should be a singles 3s tourney.I have no friends.

I might make it to this thing…and if I do, I’m taking A3, freeeeee.