Tokido Did Use Phoenix in Grand Finals

FYI to everybody saying that Tokido didn’t need Phoenix. Justin had to deal with Phoenix and her presence by a variety of ways

Either by blowing meter to snap in, or giving up oppurtunites to kill Wolverine to snap in. Which had tokido just jump, spam balls to build a little meter, and let wolverine regain some red life.
Also Justin had to be a lot more aware of meter management, so he realized the best option was killing wolverine while giving the least amount of meter iE. Xfactor. But he loses x factor very early so it forces him to kill phoenix even faster because he cant handle the chip.

It might LOOK like “lol tokido didnt even use phoenix” but that is entirely wrong, Just by having phoenix on the team justins entire plan and playstyle has to change JUST TO ADJUST TO 1 character.

I’m not saying Phoenix is broken, but she is just too powerful. I know she has very little hp but her keep away is very strong, with her traps, VERY LONG CHARGING ball, and pretty high priority moves. And everyone and their mothers know that building meter isnt very hard in this game.

Just my 2 cents though, I’m not dick riding JWong or anything I just dont want to hear more moans from the ones riding Tokido and his cheap ass

Now do this without making a new thread. It’s x-factor factor.

Cheap. In Marvel. What?

not just marvel dude, Tokido just looks up a tier list than learn how to play said character in an hour

Here we go.

American’s salty that a Japanese player won in “their game”.

Wah wah Phoneix on the team, shut up. Phoenix isn’t banned, he can use whatever damn team he wants.

What’s next? Say if Daigo wins ReveLAtions “Oh well he was using Yun. I’m not saying Yun is broken, but he is just too powerful.”


Im from Chile, Im not american, and I dont respect players that use Phoenix and depend on that character to win… Better you need to STFU.


What I really hate about all this is that people aren’t even considering the idea that Tokido is a strong player. Tokido is damn good at Marvel, and video games in general. The fact that he picks top tier is part of his strength.

Oh wow look at this guy. “Derp, I don’t respect people who play with characters who they want to play with”.

Yeah you’re cool man. I’m sure Tokido is butthurt that you don’t respect him.

A lot of players use Phoenix. Deal with it.

since you’re completely omniscient can you tell me what tokido is having for dinner

and tomorrow’s lottery numbers


Im considering, the point is that Phoenix it’s a character that makes you change all your strategy, destroy your game from the first second… All of it. Even if phoenix is still not in the fight. Hell, even with sentinel you can use the same strategies. Phoenix its the only character that makes that.

People who are salty about Phoenix don’t play her. Trust me it’s not as auto win as you think. In fact if you played with you team long enough you will develop setups that will kill her. I have seen setups that completely take her out and you are forced 2v3 right away.

Why are we whining? Tokido played great all around, he clearly showed he was a strong player. The grand finals of CEO were the best finals and may very well be the best damn matches I’ve seen in Marvel Versus Capcom 3. You all just got a series of great exciting matches.

Is this not what you came for? Did you come to the stream for excitement, or to bitch about shit?

I understand this, and this is something you need to take into account when you make your team. She doesn’t “destroy” your gameplan, she only changes it. Same thing happens with Tron/Haggar/Trish assists or even certain pairings like Dios’ Doom/Sentinel all cause you to change the way you play. It’s a matchup. No different than matchups in SF or BB or anything. Your team VS Phoenix team is a matchup you should consider, just like anything else. I’m confident in the Phoneix matchup with my team, personally. If you are not and Phoenix is a priority, you should consider that in your team. Phoenix has weakness and you should exploit them.

don’t we all come to SRK because we want to be competive with fighting games?

if it’s in the game and it isn’t banned, it’s a legit tactic, stop crying about it.

This thread is really stupid.
No one cares that Tokido used Phoenix.

People are going to use characters who win.
That’s a fact. Especially in a game that is so unrelenting like the Marvel series is known for.

There are solid counters for Phoenix. But guess what? There are solid ways to get around those counters. It’s called Match ups. People learn them and adapt their playstyle around them. I know, it’s a fucking weird concept. But it works.And Tokido does this as does pretty much any competent player. And yes, there are match ups in games as hectic at Marvel. Most people think it’s a “mash till it works” game. It’s not and you’re a fucking idiot if you think otherwise.

Bitch about Phoenix all you want. Ride Justin’s nuts all you want to and say he had an unfair advantage cause he had adapt to phoenix. It doesn’t matter.
At the end of the day anyone who was in Tokido’s position would have done what he done. Play. And play to win.

Don’t like it? Too fucking bad.

This is a non-issue and doesn’t say anything about balance or how powerful the character is. I personally love characters like this, and they do exist outside of Phoenix. Baiken in Guilty Gear is a great example, being able to hit through blockstun without meter is as gay as it sounds, and when a character plays against her everything must change. I could say that about quite a few Guilty Gear characters actually, and there’s no game I love to play/watch more.

Even without these characters though it’s still going to happen on a matchup basis. When facing off a character like Zangeif many offensive characters have to shift their gameplay drastically. There are very very very few games and very few characters where every match can truly apply the same approach in every single matchup and win consistently.

Justin beats 100 Phoenix players.
Justin eventually loses to a top Japanese player who uses Phoenix
No one mentions Wolverine being on both teams, or that whoever lost Wolverine first lost the match

Spoken like a true Phoenix player.

It’s because noobs can still beat Wolverine. Noobs don’t want to figure out how to beat Phoenix. They’d rather just bitch and nut ride when their favorite player loses.