Today's a bad day?

Does anyone know what these days feel like where everything just goes so fucking wrong; Let me start off with what happend, I had reconstructive surgery on my jaw after i got hit in the face with a brick a few weeks back and today the crowns they put in fell out then not even 10 minutes after i cut my hand wide open with a carpenters knife, then my ex-calls bitching me out for some shit.

Todays just one of those days eh? Tell me about your worst/and or recently bad days.

EDIT: Worst part of it all is now i can’t play SSF2T.

sorry but could you tell usthe story behind getting hit with a brick

Girls brother, soon after we broke up he got pissed cause i caught her cheating so i said, Who are you gonna fuck next you cunt, So when i was walking up to the store he comes out of his car and boom i got hit

I hope you pressed charges on that motherfucker. Similar story happened to a dude I work with… Was his roomate… Dude got pissed off and sucker-smashed him with some sort of tile and destroyed his whole jaw. He’s had all sorts of surgery and shit, and had to have his mouth wired shut for a few weeks. Shit mad sucks, from what he explained.

Send that fucker to prison.

I did waiting for the court date, Today’s just really going down hill for me lol, Sorry for what happened to your mate that shit sucks Yea they said i may or may not keep alot of my teeth because of it, It’s pretty fucking sad. Seems im not the only one having a bad day friend of mines tooth fell out this smorning but that was for a different reason todays just a horrible day it seems :shake:

I came in here to troll you some more since you got riled up pretty easily in the fat chicks thread yesterday, but damn man I hope things get better for you soon. You’ll sleep better once that fuck gets put in jail I’m sure.

I didn’t get riled up, I was just posting what i thought was right.

Know ST, know peace.

No ST, no peace. :sad:


You play ST with your teeth?!

Someone must have skimmed the thread and didn’t read the part about me cutting my hand.

No I read it, I was being facetious :confused:

That said, he might still play STeeth.

But alas, that game only has a veneer of casual friendliness.

I heard it takes a lot of incisor information to get good at it.


Yeah but let’s get to the root of it, if he’s playing with teeth he probably already knows that info, I’d bet he could be crowned champion if he uses his hands.

Great read(s).

How much did the surgery cost you? Are you on some liquid diet?

Can’t even imagine what getting hit with a brick feels like.

It’s a lot like getting hit with a rectangular rock.


Sigged lol