tobal 2

I searched for a thread and didn’t see one and I’m curious about this game. I’ve been told\read that its fucking awesome but there seems to be very little knowledge on this game. 0 posts on the shoryuken wiki.

is it balanced?

are there any game breaking tactics like infinites or double dizzies?

is there any other match footage other than the stuff on youtube?

possible tier list?

it looks like you play it on kailera via espxe emulator, if anyone wants to play send a pm and we can set it up. I don’t have any exp with kailera and this game yet so I’m hoping its not laggy.

This game never came to america and it was never an arcade game from my search about it on the net. Tobal 1 came to the US but its apparently much slower and the engine mechanics in 2 are slightly better? not sure, its a pretty old game.

I’ve dabbled with it here and there and I’m wondering how come no one plays it. I like the system mechanics and it plays a @ good pace.

no one has anything ?


japanese tutorial on some basic engine mecahnics


the throw system is pretty cool. First of all, its much better than tekken. For some reason in tekken, your character has been practicing martial arts for 20 years but can’t throw someone when they crouch? fuck that crap. Tobal 2 has 2 variations on throws that can be performed by every character. A hi throw and a low throw. Like in tekken, you can duck the hi throw but you have to evade the low throws. Also, if person A throws and person B counters, typically person B is left in the better position. The person teching gets the advantage which I find is quite interesting. In games these days, its usually pure neutral but you’re being rewarded for your defense in this game. You can also attack hi, low or a combination of hi’s low’s during the throw. There’s also the push\pull feature with it allowing you to control your opponent while in throw if he’s not ready to tech.

The game has an 8 way dash to it. Making getting to your opponent back much easier. It also has a side walk. One of the most annoying features is the stumble feature. Once you get all happy with the movement, your character can stumble over their own feet and fall down which gives your opponent time to advance on you. You can stay away from that type of stuff eventually. It typically happens when your feet are in bad position to do the next input.

I can’t think of another 3d fighter with dizzies in it. There are 3 types of dizzies, a hi\low standing dizzy and a ground dizzy. The high\low standing dizzy leaves your character dazed on his feet. The standing variation leaves your character standing put slowly walking in a circle giving you some time to get to his back for a combo but these are mashable. During a low standing dizzy, your character will try to walk backwards holding their leg, again mashable. There’s also the grounded dizzy where your character is KD and out allowing for free low punish which is also mashable for the escape.

The game also has some really good timing on due to the just frame system which is rather tight on the timing. Typically, you’re rewarded with this stuff with safe lows, big damage, or very good chains like L,M,L,L for example.

The controls have a prety basic layout. jump, guard, L, M, H, iirc. If you see someone crouching, you don’t have to know all your mid moves but rather work your way to the mid button.


in this video, there are good examples of the engine mecahnics @ work. Every time you see the sparks, its a just frame. After this first big combo, there’s an example of OKI going on if you’re familiar with the 3d terminology. There’s good tech throwing going on in which epon gets the advantage after teching 2 throws and working OKI off it.


in this video there’s more examples of OKI from doctor v. Chuji keeps trying to quick stand after getting KD and he keeps getting mixed up. Once you hit the ground, you can immediately quick stand, flip to the side or roll fwd\bck. There’s also crumple stun from the tekken games but I’m not sure if you can recover from them in tobal like you can in tekken.


the last match starting @ 43 seconds is pretty interesting. Gren gets a huge just frame combo for hella life. As soon as the OKI happens is goes into a throw game in which gren is the one being grabbed. Gren techs the throw and ends up @ the opponents back, instead of doing another throw he pushes off and gets a free back combo.

Shoultzilla dropping that school on us. Once I have the time off I’ll get the game set up over here and we can get on it.

found about 10 more video’s of solid play.

The training mode is rather complex but I haven’t had a chance to try it out FULLY yet. There’s apparently a break throw mode where you can have the computer throw you or something and you can learn to tech the throws.

One of the good things about this game is that it tells you what combo’s are possible, the timing involved on the combo’s and if there’s a just frame input, when the jframe should be inputted.

apparently, the core developers of this game branched off. They went to tekken and VF which are pretty big fighting game these days and you can see how this game influenced the future of the 3d genre.

right you are tobal 2 is the most balanced 3d fighter of all time :rock: if you wanna fight epsxe p2p can be used

I have it for epsxe, you can aim me @ shoultzula and we can plan a session.

I remember playing Tobal 1 back in the day. Game was so goddamn fun it wasn’t funny. And I hated at the time I heard that Tobal 2 wasn’t coming over here I was saddened. Anyhow game looks hella deep. Never noticed that until now.

Gren Katz for life.

im messing around with mary now

Here’s a NicoNico playlist by Mejiro with around 10 hours of good content (a lot of it is Quest Mode, but the character intro sections have lots of solid combos/BnB strings/etc.):

If you don’t have an account, copy/paste the individual video links here:

Video summaries:

1: System intro
2: Tournament Mode (first part), Intro - Epon
3: Tournament Mode (last part), Intro - Fei
4: Quest - Practice Dungeon 1, Intro - Oliems
5: Quest - Practice Dungeon 2, Intro - Chaco (first part)
6: Quest - Ruins Dungeon 1, Intro - Chaco (last part)
7: Quest - Ruins Dungeon 2, Intro - Doctor V
8: Quest - Ruins Dungeon 3, Intro - Hom
9: Quest - Ruins Dungeon 4, Intro - Mary
10: Quest - Temple Dungeon 1, Intro - Ill
11: Quest - Temple Dungeon 2, Intro - Chuji (first part)
12: Intro - Chuji (last part), Intro - Gren (Mejiro’s main)
13: Quest - Mines Dungeon 1-1, match vid replays
14: Quest - Mines Dungeon 1-2, Intro - Mufu, Intro - Nork
15: Quest - Mines Dungeon 1-3, Intro - Chocobo, Intro - Dog, ED movie - Fei
16: Quest - Mines Key Dungeon, Intro - Udan, ED movie - Oliems
17: Quest - Mines Dungeon 2-1, Intro - Mark, ED movie - Chaco
18: Quest - Mines Dungeon 2-2, Intro - Monsters 1, ED movie - Ill
19: Quest - Mines Dungeon 2-3, Intro - Monsters 2, ED movie - Doctor V
(Extra) Tobal 2 promo video
20: Quest - Mines Dungeon 2-4, Secrets, ED movie - Hom
(Extra) "Waiting impatiently for the day Tobal 3 goes on sale, I made a Tobal 2 combo video"
21: Unblockables, Quest - Sealed Labyrinth 1
22: Quest - Sealed Labyrinth 2
23: Quest - Sealed Labyrinth (2nd) 1, Intro - Totem Pole, ED movie: Chuji
24: Quest - Sealed Labyrinth (2nd) 2, Intro - Silver Wizard, ED movie: Gren
25: Quest - Sealed Labyrinth (2nd) 3, Intro - Monsters 3
26: Quest - Sealed Labyrinth (2nd) 4, Intro - Mark 2
27: Quest - Magic Shrine 1
28: Quest - Magic Shrine 2
29: Quest - Magic Shrine 3
30: Quest - Magic Shrine 4
31: Quest - Magic Shrine 5
32: In-game tutorial, Quest - Magic Shrine (2nd) 1
33: Quest - Magic Shrine (2nd) 2
34: Quest - Magic Shrine (2nd) 3
35: Quest - Magic Shrine (2nd) 4
36: Quest - Magic Shrine (2nd) 5
37: Quest - Magic Shrine (2nd) 6
38: Quest - Magic Shrine (2nd) 7
(Extra) Loituma in Tobal 2

Mark the Devil(with the custom costume of all black with white shoes)FTW!!! His spinning Headstand special kick is so badass lol. Gren is sick too. I’m praying they rerelease it on PSN someday.


For character/combo discussion, I’m lifting the notation from Tragic’s combo guide on GameFAQs (not the main guide), just so you know.

u/d/f/b - up/down/forward/back
"H" - high attack (Tri)
“M” - mid attack (Square)
“L” - low attack (X)
“G” - guard (R1)
“J” - jump (L1)
"~" - “immediately after” (slide input/kara cancel-type timing)
":" - just input (magic golden sparkles)
"," - with a space after, seperates move strings from one another (example: H,H,M:L = one string, H, H,M:L = jab followed by 3-hit string)
"-" - delayed/“broken” timing

Now for some Gren stuff…

-u/d/b+L~f~M cancels the startup of his sweep into a crouch dash into an improved SRK. Compared to the normal version (f+M from crouch) it’s:

*Faster (hits on frame 11 instead of 17)
*Safer (-10 on block instead of -20~ish. Most jabs are 11+ frames and Epon’s 10-framer can whiff at point-black trying to punish. Of course grabs can punish, but in this game those are hardly guaranteed damage…)
*A launcher (can juggle lightweights with H,M:M:L:M if it hits slightly off-angle or from the side - works after inducing stun from a grab-and-bash)
*Superior in reach (due to the crouch dash in)
*Usable off of the H,H,M:L string (just cancel the L’s startup with a forward tap, then M for the SRK). Empty crouch dash to grab is another option.
*Prone to making the opponent land on their back, head facing toward you. In some situations you can interrupt an attempt to quick-recover and turn around with a side hit combo (try H,H,H,L against an Oliems trying to quick-recover and guard high – there’s a 1-frame window where it should work). Or use standing L as soon as you land, forcing them to guard low and be trapped back-turned if they quick recover. Side-rolls, delayed recoveries and guarding low from a quick recovery all can lead to waking up side-turned or back-turned as well, though rolling away doesn’t.

Another launcher of Gren’s is u/d+M~u/d. For a tricky combo against lightweights (up to Chuji/Gren but not Oliems), try d+M~d,M:M (hold M), L (release M at the same time):b+M, H,H,M:L~f~M

(delayed mid launcher -> mid juggle -> just-cancel to one-foot stance -> low kick (earliest timing possible, and release M+L quickly!) -> just-cancel to somersault (perform this late - M has to be released long enough in advance to allow the just input to register) -> high -> high -> mid -> just cancel to low sweep -> immediate cancel to crouch dash -> immediate cancel to SRK)

117 points of hard-earned damage if you land the whole thing. More if you open with a u/d/b+L~M on counter-hit, less when using an easier ending string (H,H,H after the somersault for example – this works against slightly heavier characters too).

And for some novelty value, his headstomp flip (H from one-foot stance) can cross up against Ill and hit him while blocking high. Probably works on some other characters too, but I haven’t tested it. Stupidly impractical but awesome when it works…

where the hell did you get frame data from?

thnx for the post.

i’m sure new players would be all over this game if it got re-released over PSN with god like net code.

Training Mode shows the active frames of attacks (second number in the upper left corner when an attack is used). The six-part display on the right (two columns of three) lights up to indicate what attacks can be used to extend a string (high, mid, or low – normal commands are shown in the left column, just inputs in the right.)

The window for just inputs actually varies from move to move, but most are at least 3 frames wide. Gren’s G+H,H:H…loop and some others have 1-frame windows though. Throw breaks are 2 frames, I think…

The other useful practice features are the Controller Data - Special setting (third row from the pause menu – gives frame-by-frame input data), slow-motion mode (fifth row) and throw break practice (seventh row)

One last random Chuji combo: counter hit d+G+H,M,M, G+H,H, H, b+G+H,M:M - 163 before fall damage/down attacks. d+G+H can also dizzy in one hit on counter (look for the blue hitspark).

woah, thanks for that input.

It appears this game is very close to tekken. Jabs are 10 frames, lows are like 14-18 frames for fast ones and the spinning lows are like 20+ish. Not surprised by that actually since the developers went to tekken to help make their games.

yo tandem, am I reading this training mode stuff right.

Epons, h,h,h is a natural 3 piece combo since I see the game adding the damage? so if you don’t see the game add it up, its not a natural combo?

would the crumple stun make something that doesn’t combo, combo? can you get out of the crumple stun like in tekken?

is there a - frame or + frame indicator anywhere?

what about stuff like directional jump? you can get to the opponent back really fast like that and certain characters have some good back turn normals. I was just messing with it but it looks like if the directional jump happens while the opponent is attacking, it makes it safe. Not really sure. You can jump REALLY far in this game and its an 8 way jump lol.

Whats the best way to make your character face the opponent after they get off axis?

note: epons bck, bck+m is a pretty insane oki tool. If someone gets up wrong, she’ll be @ someones back on wake up. When you do this move when the opponent is facing you, it leaves her in the back turn state. However if you get on someone when they wake up and you get to their back, she’s now facing fwd and gets a free combo from your back. I think the best thing about this move is that its a mid that hits someone when they’re down. Not sure if its safe, looks neutral to me. If you miss your KD damage and the opponent stands or quick rises, there’s a good chance she’ll land on the backside.

i got the english translated version of the game

Usually when the game adds up the hits it’s a guaranteed combo, but there are exceptions:

*Attacking a downed opponent (not guaranteed but the game counts it)
*Attacking a dizzied opponent (not counted)
*Certain unavoidable attacks (side/back hit strings, Gren’s somersault -> unblockable stomp)

Crumple stun can’t be mashed out of, although dizzies can be. Usually there’s not enough time to follow up with a launcher unless it’s part of the same string (Chuji’s b+G+M,M or similar.)

EDIT: Actually, you can mash out of a gut crumple. Turns out Chuji’s crumple punch -> launcher isn’t even a true combo…

Nope, no +/- frames indicator.

I don’t use the side/back jump too much since I usually get hit on startup or the opponent sidesteps/backsteps away. Doing a quick forward-hop H is great against crouchers and low attacks, though. If it dizzies on counter hit you get close to 1/3 life after the fall damage + down attack.

Pivot by holding toward the opponent while blocking, or try stepping diagonally away.

yo tandem, thanks for those nico vids. Wish there was some 1v1 on there instead of all those dungeon things good none the less.

me and deadlyraveneo got it work once over EPSXE online and I have to say that it was pretty playable. It was running @50fps-ish on my computer so the speed is about 80% accurate. Maybe with a few more tweaks, it’ll be close to 95%. However, it crashed more than it worked unfortunately.

The 13th video in that series has a few minutes of good match vids, but yeah, more of that would be nice. I tried playing on ePSXe, too but I could only get ~50FPS compared to 120~200 in most other games – but other games that are 60FPS/high-res/gouraud-shaded (the Ridge Racer Turbo Mode demo for one) ran extra-slow as well.

New 155 damage Gren combo:

(d+M or d+M~d),M:M,L:b+M, L:b+M, H,M:M:L:M

First attack has to be blocked or whiff, second has to be a counter hit that doesn’t launch, lightweights only. d+M,M can be interrupted by jabs but d+M~d,M gives you a CH if they try. The one-footed stance -> low kick -> somersault combo is the only launcher from a (non-counter/side/back hit) low attack in the game, to my knowledge.
(If anyone knows more of them, please post them!)

I can get tobal 2 to work from 55-60fps pretty consistently on my computer. If you have a standard pentium 4, you should be able to run the game fairly smooth. The speed slow down of the game I was experiencing is probably a result from the game to keep insync while playing online.

I’ve been doing some big research on bleem! if you guys still remember that. I’ve found compatibility lists that say tobal 2 runs to fast, just fine or to slow LOL. I don’t know what to really expect @ this point and I plan to burn the game sooner or later and test it. Hopefully, the game runs well on bleem! and this will be playable on DC. I’m hoping for good things. Has anyone ever tried it on bleem for DC?

Pretty sure its ok to talk about that in general, we just can’t talk about where we obtain it.