To whoever mods the marvel forums

this has been bothering me for a really long time now

maybe consider doing the same for the marvel forums?


i concur

I don’t mind it, but I came in after the switch. But I can see the knowledge in how the current setup does no justice to the spirit of this team-chemistry based game. There’s quite a few heads that are diggin’ deep into the character-specific thread, but it IS a chore.

How about a Marvel sub-forum for ‘Teams’ ? That way you can keep the random threads/general character knowledge where they’re at, and then beast up on some realll Marvel know-how.

No matter what happens, whether its a Teams thread or a revert to the OG free-for-all setup, theres goin to be ten threads for ''Helpz me wif da Em-Ess-PEEE!???!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Plez" a month, so my vote is to minimize the damage and just add a Teams sub-thread. My $0.02. :wink:

good idea, it will promote more discussion and you can’t help but see a new topic\post because it will be @ the top of the page. I feel like some of the characters are ignored because people don’t check all the character forums and marvel just has too many character for their to only be top tier discussion.

Yeah, if you don’t remember it pre-folderized then you wouldn’t know how much richer the threads were. There was plenty of activity and more different players (and specialists) contributing to each other’s ideas. More “cross pollination” of concepts and approaches. Folderized kinda keeps the same people talking about their pet characters - especially when you’re talking low tier.

The oldest Hulk thread was brought over from pre-folderized, I believe. And it’s still one of the best. You can kind of see it there to get an idea.

Not that folderizing things was totally bad, it makes the content more orderly and searchable. I think there is a happy medium that may be found in this proposal (how has it worked in the CvS2 thread?), so I support at least trying it.

The teams folder is actually a pretty good idea. Not that I think much new would necessarily result (I doubt it at this point to be honest), but just for the sake of consolidating information. I don’t think it will ever go back to OG free-for-all, and I think that is a good thing also. But the Marvel general folder could definitely use some more spice, that much is certain.

there needs to be stricter modding, it’s amazing how bad and/or redundant the threads are.

bump, this thread is a real good idea. Can we get the marvel mods to say something @ least?

uh, i dont think any of the strat forum mods are even active

wow, thats kinda crappy. So do we need new mvc2 mods? :amazed:

Interesting idea actually…I wouldn’t mind this coming into play.

Might as well make a couple ov forums: 1 for chars and 1 for ‘tournament caliber’ teams…none ov that Team Shoto nonsense (or just make a sub-forum for those…)

I’m on the fence with the tournament caliber teams idea. Who’s to say whats good then? It’s got to be more inclusive than exclusive imo.

1 or 2 Gods and a hobo(s) can make for some shop wrecking teams anyway. Theres an invisible wall that says you can’t pick certain characters and thats just fucked up. If people listened to that rule then Mike Z, Zaza, VDO, etc. wouldn’t beast all over ppl.

mini rant over. :wgrin:

Maybe there should be:
Game Engine Discussion** (reason being that the technical threads inevitably get buried)

Teams Discussion (Pretty obvious, marvel doesn’t focus on individuals at most times)

Low Tier (also gets lost in the fray/ split up over way too many threads-- i never know where to put stuff so I usually either keep it to IMs or just horde info in a notebook. P.S. strictly low tier is pretty much a different game with a few beastly examples.)

Character threads aren’t that bad in my view, there’s enough to discuss with techniques, character specific mobility, weird nuances, solo combos etc.

Just merge all of the mvc2 subforums. There’s no need for a subforum for teams.

I absolutely belive this is a good idea and support it wholeheartedly, but I also think ytwojays solution is a bit easier: Just merge all of the forums! :slight_smile:

yea, I like that idea better too


lets make it a free-for-all then. :wgrin:

I’ve reviewed your proposal and after some long contemplation I have come to the conclusion that it is a really great idea.

However, I will not be implementing it because strider is a bitch and duc do taxes that ass ALL NIGHT LONG.

  • Jin

On a serious note, I’ll talk to wiz about merging the folders and I’ll try to look over the sub forums for move-worthy threads. I gotta say though this is probably going to end up at the back end of his to do list, along with picking up some old laundry and trying to go a week without buying a McRib.

Also if you guys have problems with the forums you should really try to pm me. There are too many sub folders and topics for me to be everywhere at once.

P.S. Feel free to PM me with links to note worthy threads so I can give them a trial run in general strat.

THanks for moving the threads, maybe you can make some kind of announcement or sticky in all of them that pointsout whats going on. Also, if someone further condense and organize the stuff posted it could be applied to something in the future…?

maybe a post in gaming discussion about the changes would be good