To those trying to learn Guile after Daigo used him

Stay free you can’t learn footsies and zoning by reading get owned

leave our family man alone!


Flowchart guile baby.

dude is it really worse than all the garbage low tier warriors who dont understand footsies either who are now gonna think they have attained some mark of dignity by being on guile pre-hype

Fuck every characters.

I’m so learning Guile. He inspired me now. I didn’t expect Guile to be a GOD :open_mouth:

You must learn Sonic Hurricane Kick before you can play as well as Daigo.

How do you draw game?

muahah i knew someone was going to beat me at making a thread about this. i did enjoy the show he put on though. rufus dive kicks over sonic boom. daigo backfists him and rufus eats the sonic boom too. clutch win. thats cake and eating it too! only daigo man, only daigo…

guile confirmed S-tier

You must seek Master Lishao Tao at Man Mo Temple.

Wow, Capcom trolling the nerds into using Guile!

America! F*** YEAH!

Guile will be top tier and everyone will use him now.


I vote that we always refer to it as the sonic hurricane hick.

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thx for adding 297 dollars to the prize money pot monsters

LOL at the qq’ing

wahhh people are using my character!

Am I close to Daigo’s level?

real talk, all the nubs will drop guile after they realize you have to actually learn normals and ranges and lots of shit that takes time to develop. give it a week or two, they’ll flock to cody or dudley or some shit. daigo shouldnt convince you to play anyone, its all about your personal preference. dont hang on anyone’s nuts, be yourself.

If you watch the daigo match backwards, you unlock Guile’s double KO ultra. That’s how I became a pro.