to sit or not to sit

I mostly play at home, so I am use to sitting while playing. It is the same case when I play at the arcade. I NEED to sit down. Not because I am lazy but because I need to in order to perform at my best. Is this the same case for you guys? I wonder because do you think it is unusual to see a person pull up a stool?

i feel more comfortable standing up in a tense fight situation.

Standing up.

Sitting is better for me.

I preferred standing when I first played on cabs. Then when I started building controls, and sitting down, it became a disadvantage for me to stand up. I HAVE to sit to play my best. I think the reason has to do with how hard I am on the controls. As a n00b, I was rough. But now, I’m so gentle that sitting helps.

Sitting is my preferred method, simply because it’s what I’m used to. The arcade I go to has jap cabinets. The only thing is that my ass starts to hurt if I stay on too long lol.

Thanks for the replies. I get a lot of odd looks when I grab the stool. Lots of the odd looks are because they think I am cocky and they think I am going to play forever. Which is not the case. I just feel more comfortable sitting. I also wished there was a jap. cab in my arcade cause I’d feel at home. And yes I hate it when my ass hurts.

p.s. If I was shorter than I’m sure I’d be able to play w/o a chair. Cause when I play standing up I have to hunch down or else I’d get a hernia.

yeah its really funny, when i watch ppl play, and the match is really close or intense and a win or a loss is on the line (like both guys only have 5% life left), guys will stand up all dramatically and kick the chair back. and i’m like WTF?!

i do not see how standing improves performance. i can’t stand standing (HAHAHA PUN) because my hands aren’t used to that awkward angle. i’ve been sitting my whole life and standing just screws up all the motions for me.

i am teh dextrously incompetent. another problem i have are chairs that are too high or too short. they need to be just right if im to play my bestest. otherwise i’m on my way to whiff city

Sitting puts my hands in an awkward position because I’m used to being taller than what the cabinet is built for. So I prefer standing.

sit , but later i need to stand and stroll for about 30 minute …

because i’ve been sitting here surfing on SRK for 8 hours …then another 7 hour …

it depends on the angle of the controllers for me, but it doesnt really affect my game, but i perfer sitting since losing and getting off doesnt happen much to me

For me, I like sorta doing both. Like I’ll have my left foot resting on the stool, then my right leg out on the floor. best of both worlds! :party:

Sitting, I suck standing up. I’m 6’6 so I always have to be hunched over if I do stand, and I don’t play my best.

we steal chairs from the food court to sit at the guilty gear cabs but we gotta stand at the other ones :frowning: but sitting owns who wants to stand up and make their legs go numb

I saw Ricky do that at the regionals… he was losing, then he got up and kicked his chair back and just went crazy. It was fucking weird.

Anyhow, I prefer to sit.

For me, alot of arcade cabinets seems alittle short, and haunching over to play is not something I enjoy seeing how it messes with my concentration. If possible, I prefer Japanese style cabinets which requires seating.

I’ll do either, it doesn’t matter much to me.

I prefer standing. My hands rest pretty much right in place. If I sit, I have to tilt my head up slightly and my arms are relaxed, which screws up my game big time.

At home, I find that if I’m too relaxed while playing, I get raped pretty bad. So, even while sitting, I gotta find that “perfect” position where I won’t slump back.

Depends. I used to only stand, but now I will sit if it feels comfortable. Like, I’ll sit at a Megalo cab and am very comfortable. But, I prefer to stand at most Showcase cabs. Though, at home I actualy stand a lot with my stick on the table; I guess I do this in order to keep me used to standing. Meh.

At my local, nearly all the machines have seats, the ones that don’t are the big screen ones and there are stools floating about the place for them, so i like sitting, don’t like having to hunch over.

Strange thing… today I found KoFneorave on one of the Jap versus cabinets, problem was it was really really low, and they had no chairs so to play you would have to kneel on the ground or something, stupid. This was at one of those pretend arcades they stick in cinemas though.

At home on a console, i don’t have stick so I go into the fucked postion on the couch