To Dark Geese! Please read!

Hey, DarkGeese.

I already talked to Dakou and Xiaohai, They would like to come to evo and compete with all of u guys who think Chinese are not that good in kof.

The only thing is if u have any ways to help them with the VISA problem, that would be great.

The second important things are since EVO wont have SNK tournament and we wont have great turn out for money pot.

I would like to ask u to host a big money matches (at least up to $2000,at least cover their plane ticket) u can invite any of u guys, Mr.kof Mexicans, W/E , we would like to take all the money matches in 98,98um,02,02um.

Please give me a respnse that I can let XiaoHai and dakou to prepare all the shit to come to evo. The thing is at least 2000 money matches has to be happen. That’s the only thing.

Have Dakou and Xiaohai actually looked at the skill level of the US, because they would be extremely disappointed…honestly it would be a complete waste of time for them to come, they will not get anything useful out of it (except tons of money, if people are stupid enough to bet against them).

Some people just don’t understand how rediculously huge the skill gap is here…

What Emil said x infinity.

Is the economy bad in China now or something?

This thread is garbage. Can someone refer this man to the trash heap?


So you’re saying having the best KOF players in the entire world only a 2-3 hour plane trip away from you in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and play them in person, and you still wouldn’t go?

well, Id like to have Mr. KOF go against them if that counts for anything…

When is deadman coming?

?? i dont think here anybody is sying that Chinese can’t play KOF… ??

i am down for 1k 98um and 1k for 2k2 um only if played in arcade infinity. period.FUCK EMIL x 2

Mr.KOF = K4? The post just sounds so much like him!!!

Ok, First thing is They are abel to come to USA, COZ VISA is not that easy to be done from China to USA, If visa is done, We can go to WC first, then join the evo tournament. Let me set up the thing first, and then i will reply asap

But KOF isn’t at EVO so where are you even…:confused:

You should remove the stick from your behind once in a while. Maybe then you wouldn’t sound like such a buzzkill all the time.

Its almost a given someone will set up a side tourney during evo.

I better have vids of those fights though.

I know right? this is be gonna interesting :lol:…

What’s up any side bet’s I got my money on Dakou.

Well if this was to happen I’m sure more people would come to EVO to spectate this event. Even if it was a side event I’m sure lots of people will still watch. If anythnig it can probably get put into the big screen if enough people put money into the pot. Getting those Vsas will probably be a pain to get though from the sound of it. Oh forgot to say I put my money on them :wgrin:.

Who WOULDN’T put money on them?