To anti-air or block?

I’m still a bit green when it comes to my gameplay and I still have a way to go to getting good - though I did finally manage to break the 1000PP barrier :). I know, pretty scrubby, but I am proud of my accomplishment and have seen improvement in my gameplay. I feel I can ‘almost’ call myself average :), for now I have finally achieved mediocre!

Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys your opinion on anti-airing when they are right on top of you - should I anti-air or should I just block? You know the type, they do jab jab then jump forward/dive kick right on top of you and then if that doesn’t work, repeat or cross you up (e.g. Sakura/Seth/Evil Ryu/Ken). HRJ just whiffs, but I can sometimes hit with clstHK (oddly enough). I know if I can predict it I can (in training at least) beat it with a njHK or even njHP. I just want to get them off of me and blocking the constant non-stop jumping at me at close range just doesn’t seem to end. I thought about clstHP, but that seems to be dependent on the move (e.g. Guy’s shoulder drop), so maybe stLP? It’s quick enough, but the hit box is pretty crap. Or maybe I should just block better or maybe I should be FA dashing back? I really wish Adon had a solid AA normal like Guile or Sagat.

Congrats to your 1000 pp … ^^ now go for the 2000 pp

IMHO Adon has very strong AA normals … … all work great as AA in the right situation.

In your case … a very close jump in you definitely should try close.hp/mp/hk BUT it depends on the jump arc of your opponent … you need to get the feeling what button will work.

If a Gen is jumping in close to you with his crane stance MK you can use the close HK (it works very good) OR you can shrunk your hit box and crouch and use a cr.lp to AA him … crouching and using LP is sometimes a good tactic against this kind of jump ins.

You really need the feeling for the right AA Buttons … Adon has no DP that goes over his head you need to cover this spot with your normals … and trust me Adons AA buttons are much better than Sagats AA buttons !!!

Appreciate the input Daaadom, the crLP is something very interesting and I had seen GamerBee use it a few times to AA Yun’s divekick, though it seems it can be a bit risky as you can get hit overhead. But I will definitely try it out!

Adons AA buttons are not better than Sagats. Adons AA are actually pretty mediocre, even his DP is hard to anti air with

Dash under them on reaction or buffer the dp motion normally and press the kick as soon as they cross you up for an autocorrect DP.