To all Vega mainers since SF4 till Super SF4

I am a Vega mainer since SF4. I continue to main Vega in Super SF4. I learned and honed my Vega skills in SF4 and carried them over to SSF4. I don’t think my skills have improved much. Maybe slightly due to more playing time now. But the difference in my win rate etc between SSF4 & SF4 is really huge. Just look at the difference in stats using Vega in psn.

Win rate in SSF4: 90%
Win rate in SF4: 58%

Highest win rate in SSF4: 100% against Fei Long, C. Viper, Sakura & Makoto
Highest win rate in SF4: 72% against Dan

Lowest win rate in SSF4: 68% against Rufus
Lowest win rate in SF4: 34% against E. Honda

Number of characters below 50% win rate in SSF4: 0
Number of characters below 50% win rate in SF4: 8

Longest winning streak in SSF4: 81
Longest winning streak in SF4: 16

Current Class in SSF4: A
Current Class in SF4: G1-D

Current PP in SSF4: 3600
Current BP in SF4: 3000

Personally I don’t know is it because my skills have really improved or is it because the standard in SSF4 psn is lower than SF4 psn. Or is it because Vega is so much easier to use and win now in SSF4 compared to SF4, due to Vega being buffed up and the rest of the cast being nerfed down? Or has Vega jumped up several tiers in tier ranking in SSF4? For those who have mained Vega since SF4 till SSF4, what is your experience like and what are your vews on these? If possible, share your various stats difference too between SSF4 and SF4.

Well online pretty much always sucks, it’s ok if you play with someone you live close to. That being said, i’ve been having the exact opposite experience on xbox live. Where i could pretty much go online and play some G1 matches drunk as hell and win every single one i’ve found that the general skill level in super is way higher. The reason most likely being that all the tournament players from france etc that never really played online before has started doing just that.

85% in ranked SSFFIV. 71% G1 in SFIV. He’s definitely a little better in this one…

I have no idea of my winrate since I rarely play online anymore after finding a few buddies to group up with and play offline matches with.

I haven’t even played 100 matches online yet, but I’m still going to main Vega for as long as I live with Bison always being my backup.

I’m actually getting worse with Vega now, and its getting to the point where I want to find a new main

ive been seeing alot of vega players dominate a few endless sessions. i almost never saw another vega player in vanilla.

Same here.

I’m getting better at the game as a whole, but worse with vega for some reason. I think maybe I was better before because I was using scrubby tactics and I play exclusively online…

I’m switching, I need someone that I can rumble with, none of this hit and run shit.


My win rate in Super is drastically higher than in vanilla as well.

Shotos random shoryuken doesn’t hurt as much, Sagat is not as stupid, and the mask stays on longer.

Splendid Claw gets you out of pressure and gives Vega come back potential.

The long range overhead is worth its weight in gold. Down back holders beware!

No doubt about it, Claw is more competitive than he was in Vanilla.

I still think he has exploitable weaknesses though that keep him out of top 10 status.

Thats kinda how it was for me. I initially picked him up because I thought it was cool that I could dodge any ultra with the 3k/3p flips, and I also thought it was cool that I could get across the screen so fast. Idk anymore. I fought a guy on team vega, and I seemed to do pretty well, so I MIGHT stick with him, but I have been playing with Guy, and I was having some fun with him. Also thinking about playing more with Fei Long…

:wink: Imo if you dont like Vega’s style you prolly wont like Guy…he’s nice until you fight people that block…no overhead = long days with Guy…the Running overhead is too slow…But yeah I hope you stick with him, you got the basics down, just be a bit more patient :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And really if you’re playing “hit and run”, you’re kinda missing the point. It’s more like “bait and punish”.

you can get what 20-25% damage off of any normal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Plus his pokes are retarded good (if you use the right one for the situation)

I dunno I like him :smiley:

f+MP would like to have a word with you.

Ah, forgive my ignorance. Well how come nobody uses it -.-


Vega is better now, you have more experience with him as well. Also you should look at the bigger numbers like how many natches you’ve played. It could just happen to be that you’re fighting scrubs, or maybe you have gotten better. Most people get better if they do something enough times. Go to a local tourney and see how you do to really measure your skill level.

It’s pretty simple. In SF4, we all started from square one, so we netted our fare share of stupid losses and we all played like retards when we first got the game (well, I did, atleast). Now, in Super, we know how to play, but there are alot of players out there who don’t. People who didn’t play Vanilla. My win rate is around 70-72%, and I was just above 50% in Vanilla (be fair, I got the game around new years, I got raped during my first months). I’m getting double perfects, and only because I play against people who have never before laid hands on SF4. True story.

Me losing more is likely because when i play ranked, which is not often, i always set it to search for more skilled. So i basically only play people with minimum 4300pp.

Yeah, bait and punish, but with weak punishing options.

Idk, everything in my mind tells me to move on from him, but I love using him. Maybe I’ll keep him as a secondary character.

Did I read weak punishing options? Aiaiai… you’re misinformed there.

I been playing Vega since his inception in SF2. I purely love the character’s design and story. I was upset because of the giant nerfs he received in Vanilla however in Super, he’s quite the intimidating opponent again. He has much more priority before and like someone mentioned, his mask stays on longer. Splendid Claw is a great evasive move when being cornered and Bloody High Claw’s buff (he launches the opponent now) is very good! All in all, it is your experience plus his buffs that make your win record so high. I feel the same about my other characters: Abel and Rose =D.

Compared to the other 34 characters, they’re weak.

For a “bait and punish character” he only has a few punishing options, and very few of them are combos or link.

I’m a B rank’d Vega player (if that matters to you which it prob shouldnt but it’s my only way of ranking myself) and if you can tell me a few punishing options that arent weak, then I’ll love you forever. :smokin:

Vega has very good punish options. Close st.hp -> -> ex fba is 308 damage at the cost of one bar. Cosmic -> ST is very good damage and he can land -> ex fba from very far. Vegas damage is very good compared to most other characters.