To all swedish players

Hello I am a Finnish SFIV AE player on Xbox live, I go by the nickname : Vapaamies.

Anyway, I was hoping to reach an opinion from one of you swedes. It seems to me that you Swedish people have a strong consensus not to play against me, I’ve tried to play at least a dozen different Swedish players in the last 2 weeks, and you all kick me from the game straight away.

Please tell me what I have done to offend your community, and maybe we could just get over this and move on.

Thank you in advance!

Greetings. I’m swedish, and I regret to inform you that the swedish community is currently on a war against you. Posting what you did to offend us is not safe to post on these boards, but you know what you did! Each family head of the Swedish Arcade Edition Syndicate have been asked to kick you without hesitation.

Best regards, Sweden.

On another note, I’m on PC, not Xbox, so I don’t know what beef other swedes have with you, but I would guess you just have a bad connection to them. Or you know, the stuff I wrote above. Either one could be true, you will never know…


“He dissed Abba, so fuck him. We’re not neutral about that shit”-Swedish Fighting Game Chancellor of Justice, on Vapaamies getting kicked from lobbies in SSF4AE.

That’s the rumor going around anyway…

Posting a question on srk and hoping for something serious.

I guess I was stupid.

I thought it was Roxette?


I honestly have no idea why, but couldn’t resist posting that :sunglasses:

I don’t know much about Nordic politics, but maybe there’s some beef between Sweden and Finland?
I know I kick all French players from my lobbies.

I liked you better when I thought you were trolling.

Change your location so that another countrys flag appears and try again?

if its your connection/name/past games you will still get kicked, if you dont get kicked an its your nationality thats causing the problem… well then I’d be very surprised.

You got appropriete answers for such a stupid question. Now go back online and continue getting discriminated by us.

Best regards, Sweden.

I actually have no idea why other Manly Men of Sweden should kick you. Personally I’ve had several good experiences with Finland online. Good connections, good players and good matches.
I’m certain it’s nothing personal, just several coincidences.

Rock on, Finland!
Best regards, Sweden.

We’re still angry about the hockeyfinal

I’m a swedish ST/HDR player. I have to say that i absolutely despise french players online.
Just thought i’d share that with you all =) lul