TLS: Summer Days

Thanks everyone for coming out! I went out and partied last night thats why I’m just now posting this.

The full results can be found at

SSF4 singles

  1. LUD (Chun-Li)
  2. MagMan
  3. Eric V.

Tekken 6

  1. Chris Anderson
  2. Sayco
  3. wojito


  1. FDK
  2. Masaka
  3. Dookit


  1. Eric V.
  2. MagMan
  3. LUD

Great showing from the Tekken players. They made this event successful this time around! The venue fee is going back to $10 due to the new pricing and how random the turnouts can be. No one ask me to waive their venue fee anymore. I would say at least 6 or 7 people didnt have to pay. Just continue to bring stuff to help support the tournament or else there cannot be anymore tournaments.

Thanks for another great tournament, Iconz.

We had after-tournament, tournaments. Results of them…


  1. PVFP
  2. MagMan
  3. Jaguar

PAD SSF4 only

  1. MagMan
  2. Jaguar
  3. PVFP

Yall not seeing me in pad mirror SSF4, hitting RYDER combos and plinking with triggers+triangle SAHN!!! Pat’s getting raped in BLUR next time, as well as CVS2.

Marvel highlight of the day : I press start on a won match to put hands on PVFP another game. Trademark.

Good shit to Lud for taking it with Chun-Li.

sethp I didn’t know that was you, woulda said what’s up.

Good shit to EV time overing me by pixels in marvel, I don’t think the CPU really knew lewlpewl.

edit : Easiest way to get teams in is to start it the same time as singles, and give someone else the bracket to run.

@mag, heh ok, yeah, it’s been like a month, you didn’t go to the monthly or Q.R.'s and I haven’t been (and won’t be - too far for a wednesday) going to the xanbats.

SSF4 that I recorded individually is up on youtube:
That’s only loser’s semis and wf/gf (no loser’s finals thanks to sleepy Eric V)
I have to go back through and chop up the earlier footage which will take a while for the others. Posting some marvel from the tourney at the moment . . .

EDIT: Also, if you’re worried about losing money on the venue fees I’m down to split any loss with you Kyle to make it safer to keep it going

Fun tournament, it’s nice having one right down the street from me!

FDK: Great finals and way to come back out of the loser’s bracket in HDR. Congrats!

It was good meeting new players and seeing some familiar faces. Thanks for hosting the tournament and looking forward to more.

mags is free in blur and ill get that jab elec down on pad down. itll be gdlk.

i like me in all games that neither me or mags has ever touched in 1v1

I was to free in this tourney exist help a brotha level up. Good shit to all the folks out there I had a great time.

Make this happen. Main event mystery game. I like me in any game or Blur runback. Reel tok.

make the mystery game nba jam and ill give you kline on your team. or blur for free.

Nice to see HDR around! I’ll have to come to the next one.

And the BLUR champ has spoken!!

you guys are silly. And yes, HDR has been reborned in Va.

I’m pretty sure I saw tonamento being used. How come it doesn’t show up on the site?

Iconz isn’t “promoted” to public events.
was the tonamento

Was a fun tourney, I am glad that I met everyone there.

  • I posted this before, but anyone in the Alexandria area: I will be hosting regular ‘level up’ training events at my apartment. We have a room I can rent out with a 50" TV and surround system, with theater seating. If its already rented, we just play in my place. =P

Hope to see some of you guys soon. If you are interested in playing some SSF4 - send me a PM or IM. (Info in my profile)

thanks for the help as usual seth. thanks again for coming out this month guys. Theres this new spot i stopped by in Annandale today. It could be a possible meet up place. So who is above 21? I havent worked things out but it shouldnt be an age issue once im done with them. It is a bar/lounge though lol. Anyone wanna try them out? Its about a month old.

jus wanted to say thanks for having us NC guys, it was a fun turny and good turnout. GGs to all u guys, n ill def try n come again :slight_smile:

That was good times guys. Good matches mag, dpendleton, and seth. Imma definitely level up by the next one though. Oh and to iconz, i am under 21 for what it’s worth.

Sup peeps! GG’s to all :china: Sayco held up the tourney a little bit but it’s all good. That man went from Tekken to HD Remix and to Super like it was nothin. I learned that I cannot go from game to game like that. It doesn’t work when you try to play HD Remix style SF on Super.

Masaka: Grand Finals were too close that it could of gone either way. Tough matches all the way around. Something out of a Tougeki. :wink:
Dookit: Solid Ryu sir. More fake Hadou’s and you’ll be scarier with him. :slight_smile:

GG’s to those I played in ST/HDR.
Glad to see it’s getting the attention it deserves.

Looking forward to the next tournament.
Also, all those in favor of keeping the venue the same please say:

were there any vids of ssf4 at the event?