Tlc no scrubs remix

thought it would be a perfect parody. lyrics in 30 min help make suggestions/tell me what you think before i actually do it.

a scrub is a guy who things hes di-ago
while mashin ultimate busta
talkin like hes about to win the match
but all he knows is to mash soo no

i dont want your tag so no
i dont wanna give you mine and no
i dont wanna play you nowhere
i dont wan none of your cheessee

i dont want no scrub, a scrub is a guy that keeps mashin that dp

messages on xbox live, full of silly lies, tryin to play, zangief

theres a scrub versing me and his game is kinda weak
and i know that he cant approach me
cuz hes looking like ass and im looking like flash
so ill perfect his turtle ass so no

if your churnin butter, not blockin
oh yes scrub im talkin to you
if your turbo blanka and you keep shockin
oh yes scrub im talkin to you
your bitchin while you get blown up
oh yes scrub im talkin to you
sounds like dsp but less funny
oh i dont want no

how dare you disgrace the name of TLC… gtfo

im sorry… :frowning:

i like ur parody…really crack me up.
u are so creative…

its just i quite discomfort that “mashing dp”,
but u’re cool …!

dont get so down buddy,
i guess that buch Lemres is such stuck up jerk…
doesn’t have a sense of humor.

digital video > digital text.

just a fyi

Get out of sf4 forums Dakota its bad for your health

I’m omnipresent, even things I hate i have to observe and protect.

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