Okay I’m positive that this has been posted before but I dont want to go searching so I’m posting this here. Can anyone get me some sort of guide to doin cammy’s TKCS lower to the ground. I mean her non EX CS cuz thats way too easy. However the normal one is really tough to pull off. ANy guides or help out there?

Heres an example of how low I wanna do it. Its her trial 12:

post in the beginner’s question thread

if you look at a numpad, from p1 side its, 214 9+kick

basically buffer the motion and then jump upforward

No dude thats the EX one…you cant jump back and do the normal CS. I want the normal one.

:d:, :db:, :l:, :uf: + kick

Exactly what icrossj said.

OHHH I SEEE! Thanx. All I needed to know lol

Is there a video on how to do this with the XBOX 360 controller, i can NOT pull it off for some reason, and no, i am not a scrub haha or if there isnt one, will someone post one!! thanks!!

I’m no expert with Cammy but I can pull them off with my PS2 pad everytime now. So please, take it from me, it’s practice practice practice, just like everything else.

Try and imagine going across the d-pad rather than all the way over the top, to reach :uf: hold the direction there. Maybe that’ll help?

wow, you can do it on pad? i was playing some sf4 today since i am currently without a stick and i find that the analog is easier to use… and tkcs almost impossible. but yeah. i suppose it is practice a lot.

perhaps it is because you’re using the dpad. its much faster to go through the motion than if you were using an analog stick (which probably you will for the xbox 360 controller).

Maybe you pad warrior guys should ask AuLord to do a video of his hands when he plays Cammy on his game pad… The guy is probably the greatest Cammy pad warrior I know… He can pull off amazing combos with such high precision on a game pad, its unreal…

yes his pad skills are unreal

im a pad player (cammy and juri) ill tape my hands tonight but honestly, it is just practice and muscle memory

slide ur hand from d to back then slide to UF

Pad (dualshock, dpad rather than analog stick) is currently holding me back, but I’m determined to master it. Right now I can do TKCS at about 80% success rate on the right of my opponent, and about 15% on the left. :confused:

Ok, I’ll whiff the odd one and go flying up in the sky with an instant j.RH but hey… I usually get it in when it counts.

I’d love to see a video of someone doing it on a pad but it might be difficult to tell what’s going on… a bunch of fingers and thumbs on the screen. Perhaps I’ll try to get it on tape aswell. (my first SRK contribution yey!)

I can do it on a pad and stick.

It took me about 6 hours straight of practice to do it consistently on a pad.

It took me about 2 hours on a stick.

Training mode and grind it out.

Here’s me doing it on my Dualshock 3 on the PS3. Missed a couple but I’ve not ‘worn’ in my PS3 pad as I usually use a PS2 pad on the PC version. (Can’t find the adaptor for the PS3 anywhere!)

It’s not amazingly clear but you get the idea.


Never thought to use the dpad like that. I use the ball of my thumb and have a callus there!