Tired playing scrubs and wasting time?

Post here if you’re better than most of kaillera

i get tired of people picking wrong SA’s and shit and getting owned hard…its a waste of time.

a lot of people i played are good, but the majority are just random people who play the game cuz its new and are still learning it on kaillera

post here if you want someone that knows something about the game to play you. cuz im tired of random people joining my game and of them sucking hard.

also people who cry about chun/yun/ken. i dont use them but those people annoy me.

Il agree with you on the chun yun ken complaints, yes its pretty gay

but the random newbs help build the community.
Il take any challenge and get experience and gladly help people gain experience.

Also it also gives the opportunity to try new things in live action.

your just looking at it the wrong way.

hey you were a newb before and I bet somebody felt the same way towards you.

And also realize that not everybody has the same internet connection you do and we’re playing for fun knowing everything responds sometimes 1 entire second after we press it. I know on good connection thats the case for me. If you really look down on people and are aware that you have more control of your character than they do, then something is wrong with you. Try to play people on LAN for a more genuine game. But still, only playing in person really matters. Playing on kaillera is just for kicks since the delay makes it like playing the game while wasted drunk.

EDIT: LOL, wow, this guy is just a 15 year old kid. I doubt he’s ever competed in a tournament or played anybody worth a rats ass in real life instead of the internet anyway.

Its better to have someone play, than no one at all.

I find it pretty hard to get games period, usually when I go into a server people are already playing, and if someone creates a game I won’t join unless their ping is less than 50 and they’re set to excellent. So that eliminates a lot of people, and I don’t like sitting around for a long time so I do a lot of server-hopping. In other words, I take what I can get whether they suck or not.

With a few exceptions, nobody has complained about characters or anything else when playing me. As long as the lag isn’t that bad, and they try their best, I’ll play anyone.

Edit: Oh yeah, not trying to sound boastful but when lesser players play me they’re usually fascinated by the stuff I do. I’m glad because maybe once they see better players, they’ll keep playing and try to improve. That would be impossible if they only played people at their own level or below. So I wouldn’t say there’s no point in playing the new guys.


HIt me up whenever you want.


I am sure we will have some good games. I am not expert, but I am no scrub.

I don’t play on Kaillera, but it’s pretty much the same situation on zbattle; it is full of a RIDICULOUS amount of noobs (for various games). I would say that 75% of the people I play in KI are scrubs/beginner, 10% are button mashers, 10% are standard/mediocre/average/decent, 3% are advanced, and 2% are pro. Actually, the number of pros has significantly gone down now. I’m pretty much the only pro KI player left on zb… =/

Please, someone good in kof98/2000/2002…

In kof98 my only challenge is evil ray(Hong Kong) and mina. In kof2000, there is no challenge. And kof2002, only kofman and possibly kofdark. In kof I notice the majority of players that are bad pick the Fatal Fury team…and either mash random buttons, or just do things like random power geysers for 20 matches when it only hits once…Kof competition has gone to shit on kaillera.

It’s hard to improve online when you have experience, especially when there are only a certain amount of good players that frequent kaillera.

For me, I am forced in this situation when everyone went to GW. What I am doing right now is getting the most of what I can from alex, q, and gouki on the less experienced.

I remember you used to use autofire but you stopped I hope.

UM im new to 3s. i know the tiers and selected supers etc but the only experience ive had playin this was the computer. there wasnt a machine around town when i first started playin and im not up on the gamin scene here so kaillera is my first experience against people. um im willin to play and learn some stuff from either heatblazn or gaijin

Are you Emilll on Youtube? If so I watch your KOF vids.

Too bad you’re east coast…

I used to play KOF’98 as religiously as I play 3S now. I’m still pretty ok in 98, but I haven’t had live competition in years. I remember the KOF98 wars my friends and I had back in university, hecka fun.
I play 2000 w/o strikers, that is better IMO.
I don’t play 02 though.

I only play at night, so that’s like… 4am your time, unfortunately.

The only server I play on is West Wonderland.

You fail…never used autofire.

And yes Endless, that’s me…although I prefer kof2000 with the strikers since it seems to greatly increase the depth of the game…although I guess not using Joe striker is reasonable.

I’m sorry but that’s just too funny… could you do me a favor and list out all the “wrong” Super Arts so I don’t accidentally pick one of them. :looney:

Chun-Li SA1 and SA3…Ken, SA1 and SA2.

Ummm… Alright. Lets play. Someone claimed to be the only pro that plays online. I have yet to see that. I can even beat you on KB[not kidding, ask some of the people on the forums, like magnus and I think I played Endless].

This man speaks the truth. Keyboard GOD.

Nothing wrong with picking SA1 or SA2 for Ken. Damn, you people ned to learn other ways of playing the game. Especially online where it is for fun, I have a great time mixing it up, not just playing the same tired Ken formula.

why are you claiming to be able to beat me when you havent played me? i never said i was god or anything, i just beat the majority of people that go on kaillera because they are serious scrubs just trying to play the latest game they can get. but yeah lets play…not saying i will win, because there are people who completely own me online, just wanted a challenge. look for me im MagnetoManiac on there and i play in GW, if you want to play in another server we can.