Tips on how to do the tornado claw loops?

I’m maining wolverine on my team with wesker second and akuma anchor and I need help on doing the tornado claw loop. What tornado claw do you do when you do it a second time in order to do the loop 100% of the time? The light tornado claw or the heavy one? Any tips on how to execute it better? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated thanks!

For the first Claw you can do either heavy for the easiest timing or light for Maximum damage (idk about medium). For the second one I always do light claw for damage, but I am not sure if you have enough time for any version.

To practice the timing I started just trying to link crouching light before I practiced the shoryuken.

On what hit for the heavy for the first tornado claw do you cancel the fatal claw, the 3rd hit of the heavy tornado claw or fourth hit? because I when i do the first heavy tornado claw and cancel into fatal claw on the 3rd hit I’ll miss the second tornado claw and if i cancel on the 4th hit i seem to also miss. what tips on the timing of canceling the first heavy tornado claw into fatal claw do you have in order to land the second tornado claw almost 100% of the time?

They just need to be hit by the top hit of the super, you might be able to get it if they are high enough without them hitting the actual top. I am not sure about heavy but I cancel on the second hit of the light tornado claw.

I play the exact same team as you :slight_smile:

You should learn to do it with using L Tornado Claws for both. You get more damage from Fatal Claw that way.

I assume you usually get it by doing a Wesker OTG at the end of your Wolverine BNB. My general tips would be to dash forward as Wesker hits and start the Tornado Claw as late as possible after the Wesker OTG so they get as high as possible. All 3 hits of the Tornado Claw should hit. I don’t mash the Tornado Claw (don’t even know if you can mash the L one), but I mash the Fatal Claw for more hits, and stop a little before it ends so I don’t get Swiss Cheese before the next Tornado Claw :slight_smile: I don’t have any other tips besides to practice. I had some trouble with it at first, but now it comes pretty easily for me.

Thanks for the tips bitbna and garsh0p! I’m starting to get the hang of doing the loops now and like you said garsh0p I just need to practice it until I get it down lol

use light tornado claw, the best advice i can give is input shoryuken motion IMMEDIATELY after the first fatal flaw is over and when you press light again it should be when your barely hitting the ground, it requires very strict timing.
you can do it with both akuma and wesker, but make sure you mmlh in the air with wolvie so weskers shot wont wiff.

i forgot to add the first torando claw should hit 3 times, thats not strict but 3 hits gets you at a good height for the fatal claw and next tornado claw, the second one should be canceled whenever, just concentrate on doing it fast enough cause if you wait too long the fatal claw would wiff.

practice this alot, i still miss this half the time online, its a pain.

I’m having mad trouble getting this down. I just don’t know when to input the second tornado claw.

I use akuma to get the loop. End the bnb with mmlhs assist+slide tornado claw into fatal claw. Mash a little bit and wait for it to finish and then do tornado claw into fatal claw. It feels good doing it online.

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Personally whenever I do go for it (I don’t need to, DHCing to Dorm does the same damage) I do:

Light TC xx Fatal Claw, fully mash it, and then Light TC again. I try to get 3 hits from the TC each time.

Just practise buffering the motion and pressing the :l: at the very moment you touch back down. Do it in drills (no pun intended) in training mode. Do 5 in a row. Then 10 and so on. Trying doing as many repetitions in the same combo as you can, so; TC xx FC > TC xx FC > TC xx FC… etc.

I am starting to get the hang of it. I need more practice though hah.

Guys, I was in training mode trying to figure out how to improve my execution of this loop…usually in training mode I try to find cues, if you will, to help me out.

i found the best way to figure when to do the second tornado claw is of course IMMEDIATELY after fatal claw 1, as i stated before.

if you listen to the actual fatal claw hyper you should be able to hear the buzzing(for a lack of better words)
there are 4 reps of this “buzzing”
( BZZ bzz BZZ bzz BZZ bzz BZZ bzz)

i distinguish the reps restarting by the loudest sounds (BZZ) followed by softer buzzing(bzz)

now if you count these in your head as they happen starting of course from the loudest BZZ, 1, 2 , 3, 4…its much easier to know when the end of fatal claw is gonna happen, thus, making it easier to prepare and to do drill claw at the correct time

i hope this isnt too confusing, guys, ill try to clarify if it is.

so far its helped me alot.

Do any of you guys know if it’s possible with the Haggar assist instead of double lariat?

If you want to learn this the “best” way, then you need to be practicing with L into Fatal.

I practiced it until I got it and the thing that put me over the edge was hitting Fatal Claw(motion+buttons) right on the second hit…after that I have had no problems with it.

But again, I practiced it a ton even after I got it…I mean a ton.


Then I found the secret to it. For a Wesker gun pop up, wait until the enemy is shot up as much as possible, then when you use L DP motion, you let the enemy go as HIGH as possible with all 3 hits. Then the timing isn’t super strict, you will get used to it because I was super frustrated with it but it literally is just getting the feel of it.

For Akuma in the corner, its even easier, just prop them up as high as you can with L DP motion then get the timing for it. Getting them as high as possible with L is key. This is why H also works with 4 hits, but its does a little less damage.

Pretty much, all you need to do is to get them high up into the ‘X’ shape on one of the outstretched parts of it. If they’re about halfway up one by the time they start falling then the link is going to be easy from there.

for those having trouble linking fatal claw into the second tornado claw, practice the loop raw on a standing character; start with tornado claw.

Hey guys i figured i would just post in this thread since its already here.

Im having trounble using vergils rapid slash after a otg slide, i can link the tornado claw but they always drop out when i do the fatal is there i trick i should be using?

You have to cancel right as the hit of the tornado claw happens as the window to super cancel is only early during the move. I don’t play vergil, but it’s possible that you are hitting the very tip of the tornado claw, meaning the window is tight and you have to time to really confirm it.

Yea you were right, the vergil assist sends em up pretty high so only 2-3 hits connect so itr has to be canceled real quick. Thanks!