Tips on beating wakeup throw?

When I play vs my friend wakeup throwing is like an invincible tactic that I can’t break.

Lets say I’m playing Dudley. I knock him down, walk over, do my little wake up dance, and proceed to either C.short x2 or F+RH him into super. The bastard gets up and throws me! Without fail! Every FUCKING time!!!

Now you say, dude just tech throw. Well ok thats a solution but HOW am i suppose to exploit Dudley’s wicked 50/50 if i keep teching? Sometimes I just stuff the throw attempt with some rapid jabs and hopefully follow with a mixup that leads to some damage. Never works. Or I UOH on his wakeup to avoid being thrown, only to have it blocked and me getting thrown afterward.

This is insane because in top vids the players never ever, or rarely throw on wakeup and there must be a good reason they aren’t! :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney:

Help me out here! Thanks.

you’re to close if you keep getting thrown ducking,swingback blow,super >>>> throw dash up and swingback blow to bait out throw or just jump straight up rh,super or st.rh ex mgb theres alot of stuff you can do that rapes throw

You don’t…you don’t really have to be close. But yeah, if you’re gettin thrown and wanna be close follow Tech’s. For some reason I thought what you should do when waking up against a thrower. I typed this long ass thing and realized I was completely wrong :frowning:

time your low attacks better.

Top players can time their meaty attacks so that they’re… meaty. Meaty attacks beat throws.

MMM, helpful.

Quick question, true_tech. Why is ducking so good? Can’t they just throw you out of it?

Oh, and thanks for the tips guys. I need to time my attacks better, does that mean I start them earlier? Won’t that defeat the purpose of a mixup since they can see what i’m going for and block accordingly?

Don’t do it all the time?

As well I’d try jumping. I saw it in a Ranbat once, and the guy said it was a good way to get out of being grabbed. Or maybe it was to get out of a grab trap…shit I can’t remember.

i meant ducking into swingback blow my bad ducking to bait out the throw then swingback blow to punish the whiff

ah. gotcha.

Use the backswing on the throw whiff

Backswing xx Super

Or use the taunt and then c.rh

haha, that shit is great against some people

Work on your timing. Meaties beats throws all the time, if you time it correctly.

Yeah…Dudley should be the last character to be getting thrown as an anti wake up. You’re not using your mix ups effectively on wake up if someone’s able to throw your Dudley on wake up. If all else fails…just fucking throw a rose first. LOL.

time your attacks better…meatys beat throws every time.

yeah a throw has activation time and no invulnerability so if timed right, a hit will beat it 100% of the time under every single circumstance.

Hey guys, do you think enough people said the same thing in this thread? :rofl:

But really, instead of just timing it better, Dudley has SO many tools against wakeup throws. He has a relatively quick/low jump, so you could jump,, and work from there. You could do short swing blow, as tech mentioned. You could just walk back out of throw range, and that shit, leading to EX MGB, or duck super. You could walk back and **c.**hk, and juggle from there - THE POSSIBLITIES ARE ENDLESS!

Couldn’t you just do a, then dash back, taunt, and then proceed with whatever tactic you want.