Tips on Axe* Kick FADC?

I have been playing evil ryu for a while now but I didn’t get into his fadc combos because he wasn’t my main. I can do all of his one frame links, cr.LP, and MK axe kick, cr.MP. I can also do cr.MK, (LP far away, otherwise hp) fireball FADC cr.LP or st.HP. I can also shoryuken fadc ultra 1 or whatever.

For some reason I feel that LK axekick FADC cr.LP is impossible, I don’t know if I am FADC’ing too late? or if I am cr.LP too late? or if I am not dashing fast enough? I understand MK axekick FADC cr.LP is around one frame easier but I can only 1/10 get that.

What is the hardest part of doing this and what should I try mastering in this FADC to get the link?

Not fadc the fireball fast enough is one. The other its a one frame link and you can’t plink it unless you rewire select. Doing fadc shortcut helps. So like hcf+lk hold the forward Mk+mp press forward one time. if the cr.lp doesn’t come out after dash your doing it to early if it comes out n they block it its to late. As for Mk Axe kick>cr.lp do the lp same time you would plink mp.

I didn’t know it was a one frame link, that explains it. I thought I was just execution problems I had FADC’ing. Thanks!