Tips how to keep joystick from moving

Anyone have any tips/tricks on how to keep the joystick from shifting or moving while playing at home? My green goblin keeps ending up sideways at the end of a match.

some options:

  1. add weight inside the stick
  2. get a little sturdy table and put velcro on it and on the bottom on your stick
  3. get a milk crate and some bungies and tie your stick down to the milk crate
  4. sit on the floor while playing and use your legs to hold it down.

put some stoppers at the bottem of the joystick works like a charm my HFS3 never moves around when i play 3rd stirke

Get a bathroom matt and use the material on the bottom of your stick. That or any other material that grips in a similar way.

Yep, pretty much what these guys already said.

  • Put something grippy on the bottom… bath mat stuff, the mesh that people put between rugs and hardwood, anti-slide sticker pads or screw-on rubber discs from the hardware store, whatever.

  • Make the stick heavier: weigh it down by putting heavy shit inside. Surprise surprise, haha.

As far as designing a stick, the base of the case should be much longer and wider than its height, and the joystick’s placement should be as centered as possible.

Of course there are other things you can do but the above covers everything that’s reasonably portable.

No real secrets or surprises… it’s just kindergarden physics, really! :smile:

Thanks for all the quick replies! Out of frustration I was thinking of using packing tape or electric tape to keep the stick in place by taping this sucker to the table. Ill be using this Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon tomorrow