Tips for Urien corner unblockables, the timing is hard I find

Hello, I’ve recently been working my way through as many Urien strategy guides etc. as I can, including of course this forum. I’ve been adding more and more to my game over the months and having lots of epiphanies of “ah so THAT’S how you do it”.


I’m having a lot of trouble with Urien’s corner unblockable. First up I’ll explain what I’ve been doing. I can’t yet do double mk tackle consistently so my setup looks like this:

(in the corner)

c.fp, mk.tackle xx aegis, hold back to walk backwards, rh.tackle (doesn’t hit), rh.kneedrop, c.fp, whatever juggle I feel like.

However, I think I’m doing something wrong after the aegis because my kneedrop doesn’t often cross the opponent up and even when it does I don’t get the c.fp to combo.

What EXACTLY is the timing for the rh.tackle which pushes them back into the aegis? What about the timing for the rh.kneedrop? I’m guessing it’s just launched as soon as the rh.tackle animation is over. If someone awesome like emphy could give a step by step breakdown (no detail is too trivial) of the unblockable, after the aegis then I’d be really grateful. Cheers!

I actually think it’s alot easier to jump into the character, dash forward, and partition a kneedrop instead of whiffing the tackle. Reason being is that I usually hit the character with the tackle.Lol.

If you have full or close to full meter, try this out.
Preferably start with an anti-air sphere, but you can do it off of a cr. Fierce also.

anti-air sphere, rh tackle, ex tackle, rh tackle, mk tackle xx lp aegis,
whiff tackle, rh kneedrop.

cr. Fierce. mk tackle, ex tackle, rh tackle xx lp aegis, whiff tackle, rh kneedrop.

This maxes the juggle limit, so you can do your tackle earlier, and it won’t hit the opponent, giving you plenty of time to get off the kneedrop. And your follow-up will give you enough meter for another aegis.

Another thing to watch for is how low the opponent is on your last tackle before you go into aegis. If they are almost touching the ground, you just won’t have enough time to whiff the tackle. Your kneedrop will still hit, but you won’t be able to follow up on it.

Hope this helps.

Opponents get up at different speeds, so youhave to adjust.

If you can’t combo a d.HP after, you did the kneedrop too late… (do into headbut instead? whatever)

If you cross them up with the kneedrop and STAY in the corner yourself, you did it too early.

I usually use mk.kneedrop to break guard.

Either works just fine. There is no difference in damage.

However, there is a difference in the speed of landing. MK kneedrop lands/hits faster than RH would. Sometimes, you wouldn’t want the extra speed. For example, on the corner unblockable for Dudley, you jump forward, dash, RH kneedrop instead of MK kneedrop. Reason for this is because RH kneedrop requires no timing, while MK kneedrop requires you to stall for a little, making more room for error.

Cheers, awesome advice. It hadn’t occured to me to max out the juggle limit to enable me to tackle earlier but it’s a good tip. I tried jumping into the character but they would often fall under me - what’s the trick there? Is it only on certain characters that you can jump towards?

Also, you mention that if the opponent is too close to the ground then I won’t have time to hit after the knee drop - is there any way around that? ie. What’s the next best alternative? Wake up mix up to break guard?

When? How? Could you explain where to headbutt would go as an alternative, I’m probably being thick but I can’t see where it would go.

Ah so there are different unblockables for different characters. Is there a list online anywhere saying what to use on who? I’ve got the RX wanted vids but I can’t really tell from those what is practical for me and what’s not as he tends to go for some Kerazy difficult but powerful stuff, like most people do in vids etc.

Thanks peeps!

1.Watch how close to the ground they are after your last tackle before the Aegis cancel. The higher off they are, the longer you wait before jumping. Also, on some characters, you want them to be as close to the ground as possible. Take Alex for example. You want to hit with the last tackle when he’s almost touching the ground. Otherwise, you might not be able to do the dash kneedrop properly.

2.There is a way around that if you have maxed the juggle limit, or if you can partition. If the juggle limit is maxed, do a rh kneedrop after the reflector. You may have to time it right, so take some sessions in training mode. You will go up, and kneedrop into them, but you won’t hit them, and it will push them right back under the reflector. Then, depending on the character, you have to delay another kneedrop to break the guard. If you need character specifics for timing, just ask.

Now, if you can partition, just jump into the character, while charging down, land, dash, and partition a rh kneedrop. Sounds alot harder than it is.

3.Well, if you land late, the cr. Fierce starts up slower, so you may not be able to connect. You can tell if you’re not gonna make it in time, so charge down while falling, then, as soon as you land, do a st. mp, then press up and lp or mp, and you combo the headbutt. Better than getting your cr. Fierce blocked for sure!

4.Ok, I’ll go into a bit of detail with the specifics. Emphy, if I’m wrong, I’m sure you know, so keep me in check!

Shotos–walk back, whiff tackle, or double kneedrop if juggle limit is maxed.

Chun-Li–tackle, lp sphere, tackle xx reflector, kneedrop or whiff tackle

Necro–See Chun-Li

Alex–Tackle, lp sphere, tackle. Timing for him is really strict. Or jump into, dash, kneedrop

Hugo–Ahh, my favorite unblockable. Ok, when you land a cr. fierce on him, you charge for a tackle, walk forward for a bit and THEN tackle, cr. fierce for 1 hit, then mk tackle xx Aegis, jump into, dash, kneedrop. Work on this in training. The second cr. Fierce only hits if you do a walkup tackle.

Hmm, that should be enough for now, if you need others, just ask:tup:

Oh, and one more thing. Adding on to the bit about st. mp into headbutt, if you want to juggle a bit more, do a st. mp into ex headbutt.

I just HAVE to ask: Why doesnt anyone do c.hp, tackle xx lp aegis, walk back, tackle hits, once dudley hits the aegis, hk kneedrop, kneedrop again, xx (ex) headbutt, whatever… I find it alot easier to just do this one… =/

whoa you’re already spreading my teachings and the secret of the walkup tackle like this? lol j/k :wink:

Because you don’t get another cr. fierce after the unblockable.

rofl, can’t help it. It’s just so damn cool that it works. And it seems that few people know about the proper way to do this, so hopefully by spreading it, we’ll start seeing Hugo corner ownage!

Thanks very much (especially ctye85), that’s got me completely sorted out. Now I just have to practise and try to get my brain to soak it all up!

take a look at the new unblockable thread I made to help ya even more:tup:


Hmm, I’ve never done the walkup lk tackle on Hugo.
Instead, you can use mk tackle for a bit more damage.

On Hugo in corner:

cr. fierce, early mk tackle, do an immediate cr. fierce (1 hit), mk tackle (max juggle limit, can cancel into lp aegis for corner unblockable)

Hey Emphy, Do you think you can make a tutorial vid of urien? you know, teaching
how exactly you charge partitioning the headbutt, the two tackles in corner, dash tackle and the jump, dash partitioning rh kneedrop in corner. I know is too much to ask but that way people can see and learn and dont question a lot. I have read the forums here and yet its very difficult to me to the dash tackle and the jump, dash partioning rh kneedrop. I’ll keep practicing but the vid will help a lot.

also the whiff RH tackle only works on Shotos, Chun Li, Makoto and Urien. So it won’t work on anyone else. Everyone else you have to either max out the juggle limit so that you can do a whiff RH knee drop or you jump up and push the guy down and partition knee drop (but i find this one the hardest).

best advide : practice them. a video wont make you be able to do stuff overnight.

You forget that some people REALLY do need a visual aid. It’s fine for the few of us who can understand where we’re messing up and how we need to practise to get it right, but some people just see a bunch of commands and if it’s not working don’t know what to do next. Really, Urien doesn’t have a bajillion set ups to everything even though he might seem very complex, it’s just basics expanded and engraving the basics into your playstyle is hard. The only bad thing is that tutorial videos often don’t get enough spotlight. If ever, the tutorial video if deemed good should just get stickied in the forums with a huge WATCH ME thread title.