Tips for tighter execution!

I find mvc3 combo’s to be challenging but I know it’s only because my execution is not there yet.
I have been practicing combos at the bestbuy place because I know everything takes practice but what other things should I keep in mind or do when practicing combos and execution ?

PS: if anyone has an unorthodox way of practicing or tips then that’d be great to share also. Also I’m planning on using a fightstick
when the game actually drops but till then to BB it is

Newbie Saikyo dojo is a good place to look for all kinds of help. I’ve been able to improve by reading the posts in that forum.

Here’s a great place to start!

Break the combos down.
For example start slow:
st.L > st.M > st.H

then try to combo into the launcher, which will send them to the air

st.L > st.M > st.H > st.S (S means special, which is your launcher)

Once you get that down now is where people get intimidated on, now you start an air combo. After the launcher, pull the analog stick up so you jump, but because you did the launcher first, the game will automatically take it as a super jump input, without having to imput the “down” motion. From there do not attack, just see how slow the opponent float, so you don’t have to do anything that fast here. Once you feel confortable in the air after the launcher, hit the opponent with another weak to hard chain (L > M > H)

st.L > st.M > st.H > st.S > super jump > j.A > j.B > j.C> j.S

Start slow, you don’t have to rush the air chain, it looks fast but you would be surprised how slow it can be done. Once you get that right with no problem, throw in some air supers or supers that hit OTG (once the enemy is on the floor)

You lucked out due to nobody having an annoyingly strict magic series anymore (I think).

The thing that seems like it’s gonna throw me is how a lot of the combos I see have like standing > crouching > standing > standing > crouching > etc. etc. The back and forth with new buttons sometimes is like patting my head and rubbing my belly; I think too hard about it and I mess it up.

Depends, if you have a joy stick you’ll probably be clacking that thing.

If you use an analog it might miss a step. That or my controller is getting old and MvC2 has crappy button reaction. Though seemed ok in SSF4 on the other hand. I guess playing wireless and sometimes even until my controller charge dies out didn’t help much either.

If your using a D pad you’ll more then likely try to press the buttons instead of swerving them in a faster motion.

I forgot the quote but overall its just repetitive:
“Don’t fear the man who has preformed a thousand moves once.” “Fear the man who has done one move a thousand times.”

I’m gonna practice Sako combos. Can’t hurt, jmo

From what I can gather, none of the combos in this game are as hard as doing 1 frame links in SSF4. So honestly it just takes practice. I highly doubt the combo system in this game is really hard at all. It just takes time to get your timing down.

Newbie Saikyo dojo, for anyone else thinking of making a new thread similar to this one, go to this forum first…

I agree that some of the combs are challenging, but its more due to the control scheme. I’m so used to 2 punch/2 kick buttons that my brain has to work extra hard when reading the combos. I finally found a button config that feels good for now, so I’ll just keep hammering away in training mode like the good ol’ days.

it’s just going to take more practice. you’ll get the timing down & knock out all of your combos.

practice practice practice!!!

the comboes apparantly aren’t THAT hard anyway, just spend a good weekend or two on it and you’ll have em down, garunteed :thumbsup:

yeah it might be just what other4 ppl said if ur new to fighting games period it will probably take u a second just b patient. know that it takes perfect practice to make perfect! also my personal opinion is play on a non hd tv.

certain combos like viewtiful joe make u call an assist as soon as u hit the ground and u will b calling them late every time if u dont nderstand that whats happining on the tv is a split second behind ur button presses

wow thanks a bunch guys, didn’t expect to get lots of good answers, thank you for the links and everything! Also I’m looking into doing reps for both motion inputs and combos for my mains. I will start with 10 reps everyday for the first week if i f’up I start over and then add 10 more each week. Heard tourney players practice 100 reps :O, no wonder their executions are gdlk lol. Ps3 fightstick came in today and OMG so much precision I just have to get muscle memory and can’t wait for the game to drop. Def post some more y’all :slight_smile:

Love that quote, its from Bruce Lee

Just takes time to get used to.

:l: :d::l: :f::l: :m: :d::m: :f::m: :h: :d::h: :f::h: combos is pretty standard for air dash/donjon games.

If you don’t have MvC3 on hand it may be worth your while to use one of those to get accustomed to it.