Tips for piggybacking a 360TE to a MC Cthulhu?

I had a premodded 360TE + MC Cthulhu + IMPv1 handed down to me with several problems (especially the wiring) and the only way compromising with anything was de-soldering everything and redoing it and making it neater inside the stick.

However, my largest problem is attempting to solder connections on to the 360TE board. It’s an old mc cthulhu and there’s no problem soldering connections onto the screw terminals sections. However, soldering to the TE board very difficult with the spacing of the pins on the bottom and spacing them where they won’t overlap. I’ve been using the internal wires from a giant spool of ethernet cable a relative has for work uses but those are fairly large and aren’t too manipulable. Is getting something 26-30AWG wire and doing the little hook/eyelet method the best idea? Since the forums have been reworked, finding old threads dedicated to this sort of thing has been difficult. I’ve seen the bomberman thread but he has an SE. Is it better to just use the spots Toodles used in this photoset and if so can anyone tell me what wires he’s using? Those look to be about the same thickness of what I’m using. For refrence, I’m using the pins that stick out underneath the spots that Toodles has used to make my connections.

I don’t see anything you are doing wrong. You are finding and soldering to the right points and 26 to 30 gauge wire is what you want to use.
I use 30 gauge wire and solder to the spots underneath the points toodles has in his photos. I usually tint the tips of my wire with a tiny amount of solder and any spots I am soldering too.

There is no universal method to make this easier, just use the method that you are comfortable with.