Tips For My Buddy

Hi everyone in the Saikyo Dojo, my good buddy Blake is having a tough time playing against me. In my opinion we share the same skill level, but he thinks I’m better than he is. We both have our strengths and weaknesses, but that’s not the point.

Blake is having a tough time crossing up with Akuma, his main character. He doesn’t really know the timing or spacing needed to successfully cross me up. Blake gets flustered when I can grab him out of his cross up attempt.

Another one of Blake’s problems is that he can land some pretty nice combos offline, but when he faces me online he can never land them. I too have this problem, but I transition and do easier combos(like a simply jump in).

I’d love it if you guys could give Blake some advice on his spacing and timing when crossing up. Me bring a Sakura and Viper player I know nothing about Akuma, so I’ll have to rely on you guys for advice.

Thanks a bunch!


This video not only shows the distance for jump-in cross ups, but also Akuma’s divekick setups.

Perfect link, thanks Sword.

I’d like advice on my advice now :stuck_out_tongue: My advice to him was to try out different characters and see if you can learn from them. I learned different aspects of Street Fighter from different characters; resets and crossups from Sakura, footsies and links from Ryu, and execution from Viper. Another piece of advice I gave him was to relax as he tells me he gets really nervous playing me for some reason online.

Akuma is pretty hard to use properly; I have played FG’s and SF4 for a long time and when I try to dick around with Akuma I usually can’t time his vortex stuff properly. Can he just do a j.MK crossup like a normal shoto or does he mess up the timing of that? He should try to get that down first, once he masters that he can work in the hurricane kick crossup and only after mastering that slowly start adding in each other element. Don’t try to do all of them at once when you can’t even do one of them.

your friend is just going to have to be able to perform under pressure. A lot of people can land BnB in training/vs the computer/offline.
He needs to be able to do them “in the hot seat” at an arcade/online. Hopefully with more time in the saddle online, he’ll be able to land said combos regularly.