TIPS for Ken's close mp-hpxxSA3 and lk,lkxxSA3

Hello guys , can you help me with these combos?These are impossible to pull off consistently , especially the first one:looney::looney: do you use drumming ?how canyou hit confirm these?thanks

I would say, practice your mp-hp-hadouken. So, you can get into the motion for the super. Then, you can train yourself to get hadouken-sa3 not effective like that but! You can then link your mp-hp-hadou-sa3.

Personal tip in terms of the way I do it is sorry, i’m old school cant keep saying mp hp. St,Fr,HD(using FR), then piano key the kicks then viola!

#Sorry DP

push strong fierce and then just mash fireball motions and mash taunt. Then progressively slow it down to figure out the timing that works for you. It’s really all timing because I do my shit slow as fuck, so slow that I wonder why people have a problem doing it at all.

Remember that when doing your fireball motions you don’t really need to use your wrist so much as you do your whole arm. It sounds silly but that’s the main reason certain people can’t do supers when facing left/right. i.e. JR rodriguez; He’s a top 3s player you know?

Thank you guys
Dander I’ll try making this slower , the main reason I can’t do that is because doing it fast I can’t complete the two qcf correctly…I always tought not having enough time for this combo ,
thanks for the input